Drinking Alcohol is Not a Sin – Reno Omokri Explains

Former president aide, Reno Omokri reveals in new tweet that drinking alcohol isn’t a sin.

The controversial former aide who is known for his unpopular opinions said that ‘Jesus drank wine and wine is alcoholic.’

Read His Full Post Below:

“I am a follower of Christ and I don’t drink. It is a personal decision. However, drinking alcohol is NOT a sin, nor is it unGodly.

“Not only did Jesus drink wine, He also turned water to wine, ALCOHOLIC WINE, and in Matthew 26:29, He told us we would drink wine in God’s Kingdom, also known as HEAVEN.

“Furthermore, the ceremonial consumption of wine is part of Jewish religious rites. So don’t let any Pentecostal or evangelical church or pastor put a burden on you that God has not put. DRINK, but don’t get DRUNK.”

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