Dybala Relives COVID-19 Experience

Juventus playmaker, Paolo Dybala has urged people to stay put in their homes after he experienced an episode of the COVID-19 first hand.

The Argentine revealed that he was engulfed by fear after testing positive to the virus in early March. He also opened up on the discussions that took place at Juventus before all of its players agreed to taking a four-month pay cut.

The Argentina International is one of three members of Sarri’s squad to test positive to Coronavirus, with the other two being Daniele Rugani and Blaise Matuidi.

Several players at other Serie A sides also tested positive to the virus, with Italy’s top-flight to be on hold till further notice.

Italy are currently the most ravaged country by the virus, recording 105,792 cases and 12,428 deaths among those.

The Italian government has in a bid to combat the pandemic enforced a lockdown, forcing its citizens to stay behind closed doors and shutting down all non-essential stores as well.

Dybala, 26 has been self isolating with his girlfriend, Oriana Sabatini since he tested positive to the virus. The Juve forward has now delivered a positive update on his illness.

“I had a bad cough, I felt tired and when I slept, I felt cold. At first, I didn’t think about what it could be but it had happened to two other teammates and the last one was me,” Dybala said during an interview with the official AFA website.

“We had headaches, but it was advisable not to take anything. The club gave us vitamins and over time we felt better.

“It’s psychological. You were scared at first, but it’s okay now. These days we haven’t had any symptoms.

“I used to get tired faster. I wanted to train, but after five minutes I was already out of breath, and that’s when we realized that something wasn’t right, then the tests revealed that we were positive for the virus.

“A lot of people die here every day, things are very bad. You can’t handle cases anymore, that’s why many countries have sent their doctors. It’s not a lie, you have to be careful. People have to stay at home.”

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