El-Rufa’i Leads By Example, Enrols His Son in Public School

  • El-Rufa’i had made the promises in a state broadcast in December 2017.
  • Abubakar sad over the move but had to fulfil his father’s promise.

Kaduna Governor, Nasir el-Rufa’i has fulfiled his promise that he will enrol his son in the public school

The governor alongside his wife, Ummi El-Rufa’i in enrolled six-year-old Abubakar in Capital School, Malali, Kaduna on Monday.

It could be recalled that el-Rufa’i had made the promises in a state broadcast in December 2017.

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According to him, the move is part of reforms to revamp public schools in the state to make them more competitive.

Speaking with newsmen after enrolling his son, the  El-Rufa’i explained that it was a commitment that had been fulfilled.

“I made that commitment because I believe that it is only when all political leaders have their children in public schools that we will pay due attention to the quality of public education.

“I went to a public school like this. In fact, the school I went to is not as good as this one, but here I am, because of the quality teaching I got.

“My intention is to ensure that all our public schools offer quality education, and so we are encouraging all our senior public servants to send their children to public schools.

“Once the public schools are improved to a point they are nearly as good or even better than private schools, no one will waste his money taking his child to private school,” he said.

Also speaking, Ummi El-Rufai expressed gladness that her husband has been able to send a strong message to leaders and the elites, that there is a need to start making things work from within their respective homes.

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“By the time we start attending public hospitals and send our children to public schools, the system will get better. This is a very huge step,” she said.

Speaking on the move made by his father, Abubakar said he his sad and will miss his old school, friends and his teachers.

“But I have to help my father keep his promise”.

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