#EndCrazyCharges – Nigerians Lament Extravagant Charges

— The hashtag #Endcrazycharges is currently trending on Nigeria Twitter.

— Nigerians are not having the costly and unnecessary charges anymore.

— Banks, network Providers, cable TVs, others are called out.

Nigerians aren’t having the crazy charges anymore as they call out banks, network providers and others that charge exorbitant and unnecessary fees.

Many are participating in this using the hashtag #Endcrazycharges which is already trending on Nigeria Twitter. Some, for this movement wrote the hashtag on placards.

Banks are called out for ATM card maintenance fees, many state that they are charged more than once for the monthly maintenance fees.

Transfer charges, ATM withdrawal charges, debit alert charges amongst others are reasons the banks are called out.

The power holding company (PHCN) are called out for demanding bills be paid without adequate electricity.

“There’s this particular bank that’ll change me for card maintenance more than three times in a month. This really needs to stop, together we can help #EndCrazyCharges.”

@tomiwatalabi tweeted.

The popular singer, Teni also joined in the movement. She tweeted,

“What is it with all these charges?
Any small thing they will just be charging person anyhow.
Internet, Cable TV.  Simple Transfer of my own money sef! See, this matter don tire me abeg. Make una #EndCrazyCharges.

Are you with me?

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It’s beyond annoying TBH.

At face value, the bank own seems like a little. “N65 right? Wetin dey there?”

But by the time you withdraw 1k 3 times & realize that in withdrawing 3k you’ve lost almost N200, reality dawns.

Wahala dey oh


Another Twitter user complained.

 More Tweets Below:

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