Ex-Arsenal Defender Confeses How He almost Took his Life

One time Arsenal defender, Emmanuel Eboue, has come out to say that he considered committing suicide when life turned sour for him earlier this year. 

Emmanuel Ebue who is currently serving a one-year suspension from football for failing to pay money he owed his former agent, made this declaration in an interview to a UK based newspaper.

Earlier this year, the former Galatasaray defender had lost his brother, N’Dri Serge and then followed by the death of his grandfather. Eboue who is 33, admits the situation had left him in a terrible place.

“This is the lowest I’ve been in my career, it’s a bad time. There are a lot of days when I don’t feel like getting out of bed. One day I wanted to kill myself. My family keep me strong,” Eboue told the UK Telegraph.

Emmanuel Eboue says he keeps a close contact with former Ivorian skipper, Didier Drogba, but that he has not heard from former Arsenal team-mate, Kolo Toure, and that the Ivorian football federation has not contacted him over his ordeal.

“All of them are my big brothers. I know they know my problem but I hope one day they will call me. Of course it’s disappointing,”

“I thought the friendship was stronger. You have to be friends in difficult times. But that’s life. I take it in a good way”, said the former Champions League finalist.

Emmanuel Eboue is currently in England training with non-League side Enfield Town in a bid to keep fit.

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