Ex-blogger Apologizes To Actress Toyin Abraham For Once Tarnishing Her Image

Former blogger, Tosin Silver Dam says in a new post that he regrets being used as a tool to tarnish actress Toyin Abraham’s image.

In a statement he shared on Instagram, the blogger said a fellow actress was the one feeding him with information as she desperately wants her fall. She confessed he was the one that broke the news about her alleged infidelity with her ex husband.

At the end of the pertinent note, she apologized to the actress.

His post reads:

They say he whom God has blessed, no man can cause. I am a big fan of actress Toyin Abraham but I’m so ashamed to even say it. I was one of those that wrote terrible stories about her. I used to be a blogger, I was desperate for the clicks and views.

“I was the one that broke the news about her infidelity, how she maltreated her ex husband, how she does cocaine and also being a lesbian. I broke the news of her bad behaviors while on set of Iyabo Ojo’s movie in Ghana. Honestly speaking, it was never my attention to tarnish her image but as a desperate blogger I needed to grow my blog.

“Sadly it was one of her close friends who is also an actress that gave me all these terrible information about Toyin, she leaked all her secrets, this actress hated Toyin, she wanted to tarnish her image by all means, she reached out to me to publish these stories. As a desperate blogger, I had no choice than to write the story and added some lies to spice it up.

“The story went viral, I was so happy, I got the clicks and views, I didn’t realize I was ruining someone else’s career, I have forgotten she’s also a human being like me. I just want to use this medium to apologize to actress Toyin Abraham, I am so sorry. I’ve realized nothing can bring her down, so many people have tried to bring her down but she keeps rising above the hates, she keeps getting stronger and stronger.

“Where is my blog today? Or where is the actress who wanted to tarnish her image now? The so called actress’s career is in shambles… But look at where Toyin Abraham is, she’s bigger than ever and this is just the beginning. I am sorry @toyin_abraham.”


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