Ex Presidential Aspirant, Adamu Garba Explains Why He’s A Proud Polygamist

Ex Presidential aspirant, Adamu Garba II has made a post taking pride in being a polygamist and explaining why he’s a proud polygamist.

According to the man who already has 2 wives, he doesn’t mind having more wives and children because they bring more wealth and blessings.

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My great grandparents are polygamist, I’m a proud polygamist, a proud product of polygamy. I don’t believe women are liabilities but assets. They work, they build, they support. I shall need more of them,” he tweeted.

He continued; “I don’t believe children are liabilities either. I’ll have many insha Allah

“My 2 sweet women work hard to compliment my efforts. They earn their monies as I do mine. They support me where I least expect. They are there for me & for the family such I could ever imagine. They gave me beautiful sweet children that strengthen my spirit.

“I shall have more.

“They bring more wealth, more stability & more blessings. They bring more comfort, more tranquility & more balance. They are my two horns against any challenges & my two wings with which I use to fly. Our children are the engine that keep me up & running. I shall have more.”

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