#FakeNews Is Trending on Twitter; This is Why

The hashtag #FakeNews is trending in the Twitter community.

This is coming on the heel of some reports from an online media (not iDONSABI) claiming that the driver of the Italian quarantined in Lagos because of the coronavirus infection has run away threatening to infect others except the Nigerian government pay his family millions of Naira.

The news was quickly debunked by the said driver whose picture was used in the story.

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The man identified as Jude, took to Twitter to release a video, saying he is based in Benin, Edo state and he has not been in Lagos for the past two years.

“I am from Esa land, my name is Igwenobi Jude. I have not been in Lagos for the past two years. I want to tell you that the blog that shared the information as fake news,” he said in the video. Watch the video below.

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