Fani-Kayode Ready to Give Out N1m Because of Trump… This is Why

Former minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode has promised to give out a million Naira to whoever can produce a video showing US Outgoing President, Donald Trump inciting violence.

This is following the invasion of the Capitol during the confirmation of Joe Biden as 46th American President. Trump was shown in a video expressing his love for his supporters, describing them as a patriot.

Having promised not to concede defeat with a week to the end of his tenure, there have been several protests by his supporters over the outcome of the election which saw him lost his re-election bid. He has claimed massive fraud with no evidence to back up his claims.

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He further lost several lawsuits while contesting the election.

The US president could be impeached over the invasion of the American symbol of democracy. Fani-Kayode, his staunch supporter wrote on his Twitter page: “If anyone can show me a video of Donald Trump saying anything to incite people to violence on the day of or the day before the protest at the Congress or if they can send me a video of where he specifically called for violence I will send that person 1 million naira.”

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