Fans Congratulate Jackie Chan On His 65th Birthday

We saw Jackie Chan trending on twitter today! Today is his 65th birthday and twitter users congratulate Jackie Chan and appreciate him for making those really cool movies that made for them a great childhood especially for the 90’s kids.

What’s a childhood without Jackie Chan?’ Tweets one

“Happy Birthday to Jackie Chan. The strongest product ever made in China.” A funny user tweets

Chang Kong-Sang popularly known as Jackie Chan is a Hong Kong actor, producer, film director and martial artist. He started acting movies around 1962 when he starred in some movies as a kid.

In late 2016, after 5 decades of  being in the film industry, Jackie Chan won an Oscar. An honorary award for to recognize his work in the film industry.

Jackie Chan has received recognition for his acting and stunt works and he has awards to show for it. This includes Hong Kong Movie Award, MTV Movie Award for Best Fight for his movie Rush Hour 2, Golden Rooster Award for Best Actor, Hong Kong Film Award for Professional Achievement and a lots more.

One of Jackie Chan’s most popular movies is Rush Hour starring Chris Tucker and there is a  news that a fourth instalment of the movie is on its way.

In a picture that Chris Tucker posted, he and Jackie Chan were seen both holding up four fingers as seen below. This, people guess, suggest the two actors may be working on something.

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker


We wish Jackie Chan, the king of stunts and martial arts a beautiful birthday.

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