Federal Government heaps praise on Erisco Foods Limited for its effort in manufacturing home-made foods

— The Federal Government of Nigeria lauds Erisco Foods Limited for its efforts in the manufacture of home-made foods in the nation, as well as its efforts in providing jobs for local farmers. 

– The Government also promised to help in the marketing of the campany’s products to UNICEF. 

The Federal Government of Nigeria has rained praises on Erisco Foods Limited for its effort in the manufacture of home-made processed foods, which are currently consumed by members of the Nigerian Armed Forces fighting insurgents in North-East of Nigeria.

Prof. Isaac Adewole, the Minister of Health, made this known during a tour of Erisco Foods factory in Lagos state.

He mentioned that the government approved the quality of the products being manufactured by the company. As well as the job opportunities for local farmers who supply the raw materials used by the company.

Prof. Adewole also said that agriculture remains pivotal of one of the core areas of the Nigerian government’s efforts in diversifying the economy of the country.

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He also said that the government will support in the marketing of foods processed by Erisco Foods for patronage by the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, UNICEF .

He also specifically commended Erisco Foods for the introduction of new Ready to Use Therapeutic Food, otherwise known as RUTF, a highly nutritious delI am capable of causing trouble for Nigeria, warns Nnamdi Kanuicacy for malnourished children and women as well as the ‘on the move’ self warming jollof rice and spagetti, and the garri mix, which is used by the Armed Forces in war zones. He said the company has added variety and spiced up the made in Nigeria foods experience for consumers.

Adewole said in a couple of weeks, officials from UNICEF would be visiting Erisco Foods for inspection and to open talks on the purchase of its products for use, especially among Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in refugee camps.

According to him, it was important to get Erisco Foods to key into the UNICEF food supply market, even as he said the government had resolved that a substantial part of the $235 million earmarked for spending on ‘nutritional project’ must be spent in Nigeria.

Adewale said, to stay competitive in the market, Erisco Foods should partner with the Departments of Nutrition of Nigerian universities to ensure that its Research and Development Unit continues to churn out innovative products into the market.

President/CEO of Erisco Foods, Mr. Eric Umeofia, in his comment, thanked the Health Minister for visiting the plant to ascertain if products were processed in line with international quality and standards.

Umeofia said Erisco Foods is ready for the UNICEF team verification, even as he expressed confidence that the company will scale the audit exercise.

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