Femi Otedola Schools Curious Follower Who Asked If He Ever Works

Billionaire Femi Otedola schools a follower on Entrepreneur after asking if he ever works as he’s always on vacation.

Politely, the billionaire explained that being on vacation doesn’t stop his team from running his business affairs.

‘As an Entrepreneur, my role is to ensure that I hire a competent team to run my business affairs without my physical presence and of course one that outlives me. Mine is to nurture the team to maximize shareholder value.” He said. 

Many have commended the reply from the billionaire as they labelled matured in comparison to celebrities.

“One of the world’s richest reply without an iota of insult,” an Instagram user commended, “I hail our celebrities, you will hear, are you daft? Did your mother use your head to knack ground? ?‍♂ They should learn from him please.”

Femi Otedola

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