FFK and wife, Precious give conflicting opinion on cosmetic surgery

Femi Fani-Kayode popularly known as FFK and his wife, Precious Chikwendu has given conflicting opinion on cosmetic surgery.

FFK’s wife, Precious said there is nothing wrong with one wanting to change how a part of her body looked. As a matter of fact she opined that it is God that gave man science and cosmetic surgeons for that very purpose.

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FFK, his wife and four sons!

She said:

I’m not a responder to peoples opinion and tags but I’m doing this for my girl Barbara. I knew her very well back in the years of active modeling, we both took part in most pageants up to 2010 when this picture was taken (Barbara in red).

We spoke twice after and life as usual we lost contact. I woke up this morning to tags about surgeries blablabla and most sadly to the knowledge that a dear friend is gone . Before i say how awesome Barbie was I will say this . People are quick to judge another on their actions without pondering on why they take risks that are live threatening.

Before we all go holy on the part of she wanting to change her factory setting,its same God that made us the way we are that gave us science and let it be accurate in most theories,so why is it a sin to apply science to save a life in a 50/50 scenario and a crime to apply science for one’s inner joy .

Her choice to have her butt enlarged isn’t the issue here but the fake doctors we allow run free. Her choice to have her butt done isn’t different from my choice to willingly have a Caesarean section knowing well it comes with complications too but for me its stress free than screeming in the push room, just as for her it would make her feel better and pleased with herself. I’m up for anything that makes one happy in a world full of sadness and people waiting to celebrate your pain or mistakes , so if a new body figure brings you smiles as never before go get it but throw no caution to the wind .

She died because she was a victim of a fake doctor and that’s where we should lay emphasis on. BARBARA NNEKA ONWUZULIGBO was a gentle,soft spoken and lively lady with so much love and kindness in her, Above all she was my friend and will be greatly missed . Rest in peace Barbie

However her husband appears to have a different opinion as he argued that not appreciating how ones body look and wanting to change it is vanity upon vanity.

Throwback photo of Precious Chikwendu, Barbara Nneka and fellow models

In his words:

Just heard about the ex-beauty queen who died during a buttock enlargement procedure in Lagos. So Sad. And what a terrible way to go. The surgeon that did the operation is now on the run. Those that are not satisfied with their buttocks must beware. Vanity upon vanity! RIP.

FFK and his wife spoke following a cosmetic surgery gone wrong incident that saw FFK’s wife lose an acquaintance to the cold hands of death.

According to reports, the dead lady who was identified as a former beauty queen,BARBARA NNEKA ONWUZULIGBO died because the Plastic Surgeon who performed the Liposuction surgery on her was a quack.


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