FFK comes for Kebbi State Governor over Justice Asabe

– Femi Fani Kayode has once again slammed Kebbi State Goveror, Atiku Bagudu over his refusal to confirm Justice Asabe Karatu as Chief Judge of the State

Femi Fani Kayode in his statement said,

I have just spoken to the former Acting Chief Judge of Kebbi state, Justice Asabe Karatu and I confirm that what Gov. Atiku Bagudu did to her was utterly shameful.

The allegation that she has a fake primary school certificate is false and she has since proved it. It was a lie cooked up by the Governor who pressurised the Speaker of the State House of Assembly to reject her after the State Judicial Council had selected her and recommended her for confirmation.

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Even the State House of Assembly itself later did a u-turn and offered to confirm her but the Governor again stopped them from doing so and quickly swore someone else in. Karatu has been in the state civil service for 38 years.

She served diligently and with integrity. She is a pride to her Zuru people and to Kebbi state generally. Yet Atiku Bagudu wants to destroy her career and ruin her life all because she is a Christian and he is hell-bent on conrolling the state judiciary.

Bagudu has not appointed one Christian as either a Commissioner or Permanent Secretary since he became Governor of Kebbi. All that and he expects us .to believe that he has no problem with Christians. The man is a religious bigot and a misogynist who wishes to control everything and everyone around him. I have a message for him: you have used your earthly power to destroy others but the God that we serve will expose you shame you and vindicate Asabe Kataru. You will not be Governor forever and you will not escape his wrath. One day He will call you to account and you will pay for the wickedness and evil persecution that you have subjected His children to.

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