Fresh Outbreak of Lassa Fever In Ondo State Kills 50 People

The famous Lassa fever disease has reportedly killed 50 people in Ondo state, leaving residents and medical practitioners troubled and confused.

Sources close to the Federal Medical Center, FMC, Owo, stated that the Ondo state government is struggling to reduce the spread of the disease in the state.

In addition, a medical practitioner yet unidentified at the health facility revealed that the situation is almost beyond control, stressing that they have run out of space at the isolation ward where these patients are being treated and fears have begun to grow among locals and the state in general.

Begging for anonymity, the source also added how a Lassa Fever patient mysteriously disappeared from the hospital where she has been treated for the disease.

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The source also revealed she blamed the incident on the negligence of some of her colleagues.

The unidentified medical practitioner stated that:

“What we currently facing, is quite beyond what anyone would ever imagine. Almost all the patients in the isolation ward are those that have contracted Lassa fever and most of the reported cases are from the border communities within Ose Local Government area of the state.

It’s quite sad how the state government is not even attending to the situation. Citizens are dying from preventable disease, but the government is not showing any concern at all.”

The State Commissioner Of Health identified as Dr Wahab Adegbenro, insisted on the fact it would take the joint effort of stakeholders to fight the disease as the state would be unable to handle the situation with their own efforts only.

Dr Wahab Adegbenro also revealed that it cost about N1.2m to treat one Lassa patient, which was far too high for the Ondo state government to afford considering the number of persons which were affected with the disease.

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