Fuel Scarcity: Fair or Not ?

The current situation of fuel scarcity started just as a joke when some of us believed that it will go back to normal and everything will be fine and nothing will disturb Christmas celebrations. But to our surprise, it came back in full force even to the extent that the cost to board commercial vehicles skyrocketed to an unbelievable amount that normally will cost so much less than what it is now.

A lot of prominent personalities had so much to say which some sympathized with Nigerians while others advised the president to look into it as soon as possible and solve it once and for all.

See what the ex-vice president and Presidential Aspirant 2019, Atiku Abubakar said

My heart goes out to everyone struggling to see their friends and families during this season of celebration due to the #fuelscarcity and I am confident that as we unite as a nation we can find a solution to this crisis.

Oby Ezekwesili, Former Minister of Education also said,

Dear President .@MBuhari of @AsoRock It is not Rocket Science to FIX the Distortion in the Oil Sector. It is the underlying cause of the annual #FuelScarcity. It’s time to LET GO of the “politically beloved petroleum sector”. Sir, the SOLUTION is FULL DEREGULATION. Just. Do. It!

President Muhammad Buhari, via his Twitter verified account, said:

The fuel scarcity being experienced nationwide is regrettable. I sympathize with all Nigerians on having to endure needless fuel queues. I’m being regularly briefed, especially on the NNPC’s interventions to ensure that there is enough petrol available during this period & beyond.

So what do you think about this fuel scarcity, Is it fair to us Nigerians or not? Well, you might say we are stating the obvious but let’s hear from you. Share your experiences with us.  But meanwhile Season’s greetings to you all from us all.


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