Giant Little Ones – A Movie on Self-realization

As teenagers, we often make decisions that either make or mar our future; especially when it involves our little teen romance. However, remember that just a few persons- often time our parents; stand to take the blow on our behalf when the going gets tough. Well, Giant little ones is a deep movie that narrates the challenges that young people pass through as they grow. These challenges revolve around our self-confidence, sexuality, and self-identity. Not to be biased though, all human pass through this phase. And this movie gives a better insight into accepting one’s identity without any labels.

The Storyline of Giant Little Ones

This Canadian drama revolves around the lives of two teenage boys: Franky Winter and Bellas Kohl. Best friends since childhood whose life took a different turn during a birthday party. Written and directed by Keith Behrman this movie also talks about friendship, love, and self-discovery.

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 The Cast of Giant Little Ones

Starring Josh Wiggins, Darren Mann, Taylor Hickson, Kyle MacLachlan, Peter Outerbridge, Kiana Madeira, Niamh Wilson, Olivia Scriven, and Maria Bello.

Where to Watch This Movie

You can watch the official trailer on Youtube

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