Girlfriend Hospitalized After Finding Out Her Boyfriend Is Getting Married In Akure.

Love gone Complicated!!

A lady with the name Tola took to twitter to reveal that her boyfriend who told her two weeks ago that he was traveling for a friend’s wedding actually travelled for his own wedding!

Two weeks after he left Lagos for Akure, Tola heard nothing from him, leaving her extremely worried about his sudden disappearance.

In the early hours of today, Tola, with the twitter handle @tolabrown took to twitter to share the story to her followers.

A few hours after she tweeted her predicament, Tola tweeted a video of herself receiving treatment at a hospital. She must have been deeply hurt.


This man said he’s traveling for his friends wedding. 2 weeks now, nothing from him. guess who’s getting married today?

Yes, you guessed right.”

She tweeted at 8:24 am.

She removed her piercings, stopped partying and broke her celibacy for the love of him.

And although she hated to cook, she cooked for him.

Tola can’t help wondering how she missed the fact that he was engaged and where she must have gone wrong.

‘I stopped partying..I removed 4 out of my 8 piercings for him… I even booked appointments to even remove my tats”

She tweeted after tweeting a video of herself in the hospital bed.

See her tweets below:

Twitter users sympathise with her coming up with the line ‘men are scum’. Some even demand she reveal the venue of the wedding at Akure so they could teach him a lesson. Some claim the man in the story must have left her for a good reason.

While many believe and feel for her, others are in doubt of the authenticity of the story claiming that a heartbroken person won’t reveal such heart breaking story on twitter.

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