GLO Data Plan and Code

At the moment, GLO is ranked number one in the country for their huge data plan. The GLO data plan is second to none (or so the awoof community thinks).

With a high discount on data amidst lots of mouth-watering packages, GLO continues to catch the interest of new internet users and forcing users of other networks to migrate into the GLO network.

It’s no surprise they ask you to “rule your world” because they rule the internet world. Allow me walk you through the data plans for you to rule the internet.


For a 1 Day pack, a simple dial of *127*14# will give you 30MB for N50. Or you could also get the Instant Surf of 100MB for N100 valid for a Day when you dial *127*51#. There is also the Smallie daily data plan which is valid for 3 Days. Smallie comes with 200MB worth N200, dial *127*56#.


This is the Big Week plan of 1GB for N500 valid for 3 Days, dial *127*57#.


This has a lot of packages designed for big data users and for those who share data most of the time too. All of these will last the user for  a maximum of 30 days.

Always Micro:  N1,000 for 2GB, Dial *127*53#

My Place: N2,000 for 6GB, Dial *127*55#;

So Special, N2,500 for 10GB, Dial *127*58# (it’s my personal favourite cos am So Special and it allows me to be generous with data too;)

Always Macro, N3,000 for 12GB, Dial *127*54#;

N4000 Data Plan, N4,000 for 18GB, Dial *127*59#;

Always Mini, N5,000 for 24GB, Dial *127*2#;

Always Max, N8,000 for 48GB, Dial *127*1#;

Gold, N16,000 for 60GB, Dial *127*12#;

Platinum, N18,000 for 90GB, Dial *127*13#.

Don’t forget that these data will last you for 30 Days  max!


GLO Flexi Plan is designed for users who are not constant on the internet. Meaning you are allowed to subscribe based on your convenient browsing hour.

GLO NIGHT PLAN: This allows you browse the internet for 1 Day between 12AM – 5AM with 1GB of data for N200. Dial *127*60# to get the service.

GLO WEEKEND PLAN: This gives you a 7 Day access with 3GB data to be used Saturday 12AM – Sunday 11:59AM for Weekends and 12AM – 5AM Week Days. Dial *127*61# for this service.

G100: Dial *127*5# to get 4GB data to be used for 100Hrs or 30 Days at N6,000.

G300: A simple Dial of *127*4# gives you a 300Hrs or 3 Month access to browse with 12GB data at N15,000.

G-LEISURE: Dial *127*7# to get 4GB for an 8PM – 9AM Week Days + All Day on Weekends internet experience at N5,000.

G-WORK: Browse the internet on Week Days between 8AM – 9PM with 4GB data for N5,000. Dial *127*6#.


There is now even more reasons for students to use GLO because staying on campus is now a plus, doubled your data+GLO to GLO call bonus…… Can you beat that? (i no be glo marketer oh…the awoof just dey scatter my headi oh)

N200 = 200MB Data, 200MB off-campus, 400MB on-campus, N50 GLO to GLO bonus; Valid for 4 Days.

N500 = 500MB Data, 500MB off-campus, 1GB on-campus, N125 GLO to GLO bonus; Valid for 7 Days.

N1,000 = 1GB Data, 1GB off-campus, 2GB on-campus, N250 GLO to GLO bonus; Valid for 15 Days.

N2,000 = 2GB Data, 3GB off-campus, 6GB on-campus, N500 GLO to GLO bonus; Valid for 30 Days.

N5,000 = 5GB Data, 12GB off-campus, 24GB on-campus, N1250 GLO to GLO bonus; Valid for 30 Days.

To enjoy this mouth watering package, you’ll have to migrate to the GLO campus data booster plan. Dial *777# and choose campus booster plan.


GLO offers her blackberry users just enough options to choose from that suite their pocket and satisfy the data need.

Absolute Month; A 30Day plan of 3GB for N1,500. Dial *777*23#.

Absolute Week; A 7Day plan of 700MB for N500. Dial *777*24#.

Complete Month; A 30Day plan of 3GB for N1,400. Dial *777*21#.

Complete Week; A 7Day plan of 700MB for N400. Dial *77*22#.


This is designed for blackberry that operates on Android operating system.

Max Month; A 4.5GB data plan for 30Days at N2,500.

Mid Month; A 1.5GB data plan for 30Days at N1,000.

Max Week; A 150MB data plan for 7Days at N500.

GLO also provides an option to top data before the validity ends, or to add data to the current plan by 1GB for just N500, or by 300MB for N200.

For more details dial 777 for blackberry or 127 for android and IOS devices.

So after this field of awoof what is my judgement? GLO is very generous with data, I mean VERY generous but… from my experience the network as @ 2016, it can be quite slow and annoying so I cheat on GLO by having other networks incase it starts misbehaving.

What is your experience using any of the GLO data plans? Let us know in the comments sections!

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