Gombe State Coronavirus Patients Break Out Of Isolation To Protest Against ‘Poor Care’ (Video)

On Tuesday, May 5th, about 20 coronavirus patients held a protest outside a treatment centre in the Kwadon community of Gombe State.

The patients forced their way out of their isolation center to protest against poor medical care and feeding.

The patients cried that they were not properly cared for and would prefer to go outside for better care.

They also mingled with members of the community during and blocked a nearby highway in the village of Kwadon.

Meanwhile, the authorities have denied the allegations of poor feeding and medical care.

Gombe State’s health commissioner, Ahmed Gana in a statement explained that the patients are asymptomatic and do not require drugs.

Officials were able to persuade the demonstrators back into the treatment centre but not after they have come in contacts with other villagers who came to witness the protest.

People who might have come in contact with the protesting patients have been urge to self-isolate for at least 14 days.

Watch Video Below;

Gombe state as at 12am yesterday have 100 confirmed coronavirus cases against a national tally of 2,950.

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