Governors Have Been Stealing Money Earmarked for Security – Junaid Mohammed

Junaid says 2014 conference is a fraud.

Says governors given the power to create state police will bring disaster.

Junaid Mohammed, and elder statesman has the situation where some governors are negotiating is a dangerous trend.

Speaking in an interview with Independent newspaper, Junaid, who is also a Second Republic federal lawmaker said the act shows that the governors are not sincere and they have underfinanced the security system even though they make billions of naira in the name of maintaining security.

Junaid alleged that such governors have been stealing the money which was earmarked for security.

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“So, I don’t accept the idea of negotiating with bandits. It is a bad idea and I believe instead of paying off the bandits, they can finance the police and assist the DSS and other security organisations.”

The elder statesman said if governors are allowed to set up their private policemen, there will be a disaster and Nigeria will be ungovernable.

Speaking on the call for the implementation of the 2014 national conference which was said to be a way of addressing some of the challenges facing the country, he said those calling for the implementation wants to perpetrate fraud.

“Have they read the report? Has anyone of us who attended the conference told Nigerians what aspect we want to be implemented? I was at the 2014 national conference. I represented Kano state which is one of the two biggest states in the country.

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“I had been involved in several conferences in the past and even after the 2014 conference, we also had another one here in Kano concerning the state.

“As far as I am concerned, that 2014 confab is a fraud. What they are purporting to be the report is a fraud. Most of the issues that we discussed which were rejected were brought back into the final report through the backdoor. T

“hey did that with the full cooperation of the then President Goodluck Jonathan. But we defeated every issue they brought even though we are in the minority.

“If you want to have a constitutional conference, one, it must be a representative of the whole country so that people don’t feel marginalised especially those who are in the majority in the country. The north has been in the majority in the country even before 1914. You cannot have a constitutional conference in which the North has been reduced to minority in the country and you say you are having a constitutional conference. And in spite of that, we still defeated them,” he added.

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