Guaido Hiding At The French Embassy, Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Says

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido is seeking refuge at the French Embassy in Caracas.

This was stated by the South American country’s Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza on Thursday.

This is coming three days after President Nicolas Maduro hinted that his rival was “in hiding” at a diplomatic location.

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“We cannot enter the premises of any country’s embassy whatsoever, in this case Spain or France,” Arreaza said, adding that that meant an arrest by force “is not possible.”

He made the comments when asked about the presence of Leopoldo Lopez, another leading opposition figure, at the Spanish ambassador’s residence, and about Guaido at the French Embassy.

A few days ago, the state prosecutors had summoned Guaido for an alleged “attempted coup d’etat” and attempted assassination.

Venezuela’s Attorney General Tarek William Saab in a statement broadcast on state television on Tuesday said the National Assembly President had been summoned to appear before prosecutors yesterday following an investigation last week into the seizure of a weapons cache in neighbouring Colombia that he said was to be smuggled into Venezuela.

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The subpoena was delivered to his head of security on Monday night, Saab said.

Guaido is recognized as interim president by over 50 countries, including the United States, that refuse to recognize socialist President Nicolas Maduro after his disputed 2018 re-election.

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