Highest Paid Players in English Premier League 2019

The wages earned by footballers in top flight leagues in the world are sometimes outrageous. Combined with the huge transfer fees which clubs pay, they go to great lengths to acquire these players. It must be paying off though; otherwise, they’d have stopped long ago. And with the fact that football is even getting more lucrative for the clubs, with television deal all across the globe, and rich businessmen buying up clubs, we should see a rise in salaries and club expenditures.

In today’s post, we’ll be looking at the highest paid players in the English Premier League for the 2017/2018 season.

highest paid players in English premiership

Alexis Sanchez – Manchester United (£500,000 per week)

Sanchez moved to from Arsenal to Manchester United early 2018. Prior to his moving to Old Trafford, the other top teams in EPL showed interest in him. I mean Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea. However not one of them was willing to give him the wages he was asking for. United did and now he’s joined their ranks. The Chilean will be earning close to 500,000 weekly before taxes. This amount makes him the highest paid player in the English Premiership.

Mesut Ozil – Arsenal (£350,000 weekly)

The German talisman’s contract was supposed to expire come summer, however, Arsenal was able to get him to sign another three and half-year contract. This new contract will see him staying at the Emirates till 2021. In the process, he gets a huge raise to his weekly wage at Arsenal.

Paul Pogba – Manchester United (£290,000 weekly)

When Pogba moved from Juve to United in 2016, he broke the record for the highest transfer fee, and also became the highest paid player in Manchester and in the league at that time. However, with what Ozil now receives in his new contract and Sanchez transfer, Pogba now comes in at third on our list of highest paid players in the English Premier League, with 290,000 pounds weekly. It has been rumoured though that he might be getting a raise soon, in a new contract. Time will tell though.

Sergio Aguero – Manchester City (£260,000 Weekly)

If there’s anything Aguero knows how to do, it is to score goals. With over 200 goals he’s the all-time leading goal scorer for Manchester City. He’s really working hard for his 260,000 weekly salary. And he’s had a terrific season this season. Currently, he is Manchester City’s highest paid player.

Kevin de Bruyne – Manchester City (£250,000 weekly)

This Belgian is a fantastic midfielder and Chelsea might be regretting selling him to City. He’s being very hard working in his creative role as a midfielder. At the moment he is said to be earning £250,000 weekly, that’s one of the terms in his new contract this season, he’ll also be expected to remain at city till 2023.

Romelu Lukaku – Manchester United (£250,000 Weekly)

De Bruyne and Lukaku share something in common, they were both Chelsea players but never made an impact at Chelsea, and now they both play in Manchester Clubs.  Lukaku is the top 9 for Jose Mourinho’s side. He joined Manchester United from Everton and is yet to spend one full season at  United. He earns a whopping £250,000 making him the third highest-paid player in the Manchester United and the no. 6 on our list of highest paid players in the English premier league.

Yaya Toure – Manchester City (£220,000 Weekly)

Another City player on our list of highest paid players in the English Premier League. This Ivorian player is a defensive midfielder and very good at giving long passes and holding the ball. His weekly wage at the Etihad is said to be estimated at £220,000 weekly putting him on #7 spot of highest-paid players in EPL.

Eden Hazard Chelsea (£220,000 Per Week)

Eden Hazard has two more years on his deal, there have been talks of him signing another contract, and there have also been talks of him moving to Spanish La Liga. The Belgian though has been very influential in the Chelsea team. So they might want to keep him at the Bridge, we can only speculate for now. For all his hard work though, he earns a good £220,000 per week.

Cesc Fabregas – Chelsea (£220,000 Weekly)

The Chelsea midfielder is reported to be earning £220,000 pounds weekly, some estimates though say it is lower. However whatever Fabregas is earning is not far from this £220,000 pounds weekly.

Disclaimer: As not all the teams have published the earnings of their players, these are only estimated earnings for these players.




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