Top 10 Highest Paid Players in Spanish La Liga

Football also called the beautiful game is the most popular sport in the world. And also perhaps the easiest sport to play. This popularity has translated to great followership world over, and followership has translated to huge profits for all those involved in the sport.  We’ll be looking at the highest paid players in the Spanish La Liga and how much they are paid.

highest paid players in spanish la ligaLionel Messi – Barcelona £500,000

As far as football is concerned, Messi has achieved the demigod status. His skills are almost beyond compare, he is the complete player of this time, now this is unarguable. Without him, Barcelona would be a normal team that would struggle against other teams at their level. Messi, however, has made the difference, he has won many matches for Barcelona and with his help, the Catalans have won many trophies.  So as per the amount he earns now, he more than deserves it. He comes in with an income of £500,000 weekly in Barcelona.

Cristiano Ronaldo – Real Madrid £365,000 Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo has been dubbed an alien, a man from another world by football pundits. At an age where it is normal for a player to see a decline, well Ronaldo is still firing on all cylinders. He is the highest goal scorer in UEFA competition being the first to hit the 100 goal mark. Ronaldo is a scoring machine, and his like has not been seen in a while. That’s why it’s appaling to him (Ronaldo) that he should be earning way lower than his arch-rival, Messi. He’s spoken to the Real Madrid management to give him a raise, will he be obliged, time will tell? He earns an estimated £365000 weekly, after tax.

Gareth Bale – Real Madrid £350,000

The big Welshman actually started as a defender, and in a twist of fate he became a forward and would trouble English Premier League’s top sides. His skill in front of goal saw him move to Real Madrid for a record fee of 100 million Euros as at the time of his transfer, this was in 2013. The Welsh man hasn’t been getting regular playing time a player of his calibre would want to enjoy. Anyway, this hasn’t affected his weekly pay as it is estimated at £3500000 before tax.

Luiz Suarez – FC Barcelona £290,000

This man has been called many names and memes have been created of him all due to biting incidences he was involved in. That’s all in the past anyway. In the 2016/2017 the Uruguayan was the highest goal scorer in Barcelona. He was an integral part of the MSN configuration until the Neymar left.  He earns £290,000 weekly and he more than deserves it.

Antoine Griezmann – Athletic Madrid £250,000

Atletico Madrid is doing very well this season, and a lot of thanks to the Frenchman, Griezman, not forgetting the phenomenal coach Diego Simeone. Griezman having scored 23 goals in 38 games is doing well for his club. At the moment Barcelona is very interested in him, and it is said he has snubbed a deal from Manchester United and has agreed to move to Barcelona instead. There is a lot of attacking options in Barcelona, so not many think this is a good move; however, we’d want to hope it works out for him. As at now he earns £250,000 per week, we don’t yet know how much he’ll be paid in Barcelona.

Ousmane Dembele – FC Barcelona £222,000

The 21-year-old forward joined Barcelona in 2017 from Borussia Dortmund for a fee of 155 million euros including add-ons. This made him the second most expensive transfer in 2017, just behind Neymar. The French winger hasn’t enjoyed much play this season though. We hope he’d be able to truly earn that money at Barcelona.

Koke Athletico – Madrid £200,000

Koke is the youngest player in Atletico Madrid to have up to 350 appearances for the Atletico Madrid. The 26-year-old midfielder was born Jorge Resurreccion Merodio in Madrid Spain and he’s been playing at Atletico since he was 8.

Toni Kroos – Real Madrid £175,000

Toni Kroos is one of the best midfielders in the world; he’s been dubbed the one-man orchestra by Spanish Media.  The German player is an important part of the Real Madrid team. And for his troubles, he earns £175,000.

Luka Modric – Real Madrid £175,000

Also regarded as one of the best midfielders in the game of football, Modric can play not only as a 10 but also as a defensive midfielder or an attacking midfielder. The Croatian though small has a strong presence in the midfield, not only does he win balls, he’s also good at distributing them. The 32-year-old Croatian earns £175,000 every week.

Andres Iniesta FC Barcelona £150,000

If you know Barcelona, then you’d definitely know Iniesta. He’s has a hand in a lot of the goals Barcelona scores. I think that without him, Iniesta will not be what he is today. He’s the number 10 on our list of highest paid players in La Liga.

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