History of Delta State Nigeria

Delta state is commonly known as the” Big Heart of the Nation”. This State was bought out of the old Bendel State on the 27th August 1991. The State came into existence with the splitting of the former Delta Areas including Urhobo,  Ezon, Isoko, Anioma  and Itsekin, during the rule of Murtala Muhammed  in 1976. Its capital is Asaba which is found at the Northern end of the State. Asaba and Warri are the largest cities with commercial activities. The State is a South-South state in Nigeria and also an oil producing state (Crude oil).

This State is surrounded by various State, such as; Edo State, Anamabra State, Imo State, River State and Bayelsa State.

Ethnic Groups in Delta State

Delta state is followed by the old Midwestern Igbo-speaking, Asaba areas and Ukwuani. The people of Delta State speaks seven languages, which includes , Urhobo, Igbo, Ezon, Isoko, Anioma , Itsekin language. Christianity is mostly practiced as a religion while a few are into traditional practices. Their favorite soup is Banga Soup (palm nut) and starch in form of sallow to eat with it.

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Delta State Population

The population of Delta State was put at 4,098,291 according to the 2006 National Population Census. Th size of the state is approximately  16,842sq (6,503 sqmi)

Local Government Areas in Delta State

Delta State has twenty-five Local Government Areas. These are;

Aniocha North                  Aniocha South             Bomadi

Burutu                               Ethiope East                Ethiope West

Ika South                          Ika North                    Isoko North

Isoko South                       Ndokwa West             Ndokwa East

Okpe                                 Oshimili South            Oshimili North

Patani                                Sapele                          Udu

Ughelli North                    Ughelli South              Ukwuani

Uvwie                               Warri North                 Warri South

Warri South West

Wards in Delta State

There are 270 wards in Delta State.

AAba-Unor, Abari, Abarra/inyi/Onuaboh, Abavo I, Abavo II, Abavo III, Abbi I, Abbi II, Aboh /Akarrai, Abraka I, Abraka II, Abraka III, Afor /Obikwele, Agbarha, Agbarho I, Agbarho II, Agbon I, Agbon II, Agbon III, Agbon IV, Agbon V, Agbon VI, Agbon VII, Agbon VIII,  Agbor Town   I, Agbor Town   II, Aghalokpe, Agoloma, Agu, Aja-Udaibo, Akoku, Akpikpa, Akugbene I, Akugbene II, Akugbene III, Akumazi, Akwukwu, Aladja, Amai, Amuokpe, Anala-Amakom, Aragba Town, Army Barracks, Ase, Ashaka, Aviara
B, CBoji-Boji I, Boji –Boji II, Boji – Boji  III, Bolou – Angiam, Bomadi, Bowen, Bulou-Ndoro, Cable Point  I, Cable Point   II
EEbedei, Ebrohimi, Ebu, Edjeba, Effurun I, Effurun II, Effurun – Otor, Eghoro, Ejeme, Ekakpamre, Ekete, Ekpan I, Ekpan II, Ekuku –  Agbor, Ellu, Elume, Emede, Emevor, Emu, Enerhen I, Enerhen II, Enhwe /okpolp, Erowa/Umeh, Evwreni, Ewu I, Ewu II, Ewu III, Ezi, Eziokpor, Ezionum, R.A
G, IGbaramatu, Gbokoda, Ibedeni, Ibrede/Igbuku/Onogbokor, Ibusa I, Ibusa II, Ibusa III, Ibusa IV, Ibusa V, Idumuesah, Idumuje –Unor, Igbide, Igbodo, Igbudu, Ihiuiyase I, Ihiuiyase II, Ihuozomer (ozanogogo  Alisinmie), IIIah, IIuelogbo, Irri II, Irri I, Isaba, Isekelewu (egbema   II), Isheagu-ewulu, Issele – Azagba, Issele Uku I, Issele Uku   II, Iyede I, Iyede II
J, KJeremi I, Jeremi II, Jeremi III, Jeremi IV, Jesse I, Jesse II, Jesse  III, Jesse IV, Koko I, Koko II, Kolafiogbene/ekametagbene, Kpakiama
M,NMadangho, Mbiri, Mereje I, Mereje II, Mereje III, Mosogar I, Mosogar II, Ngbilebiri I, Ngbilebiri II, Nsukwa
OObiaruku I, Obiaruku II, Obior, Obodo/omadino, Obomkpa, Obotebe, Ode-itsekiri, Odorubu/adobu/bolou Apelebri, Ogbe-Ijoh, Ogbeinama/okoloba, Ogbele/akpako, Ogbinbiri (egbema III), Ogbolubiri, Ogbudugbudu (egbema  IV), Oghara I, Oghara II, Oghara III, Oghara IV, Oghara V, Ogheye, Ogidigben, Ogo-Eze, Ogor, Ogriagbene, Ogulagha, Ogume I, Ogume II, Ogunu/ekurede-urhobo, Ogwashi –Uku I, Ogwashi-Uku II, Ogwash-Uku Village, Oha I, Oha II, Ojobo, Okere, Okokporo/ugborhen, Okpai/utchi/beneku, Okpanam, Okpe-Isoko, Okumagba I, Okumagba II, Okwe, Oleh I, Oleh II, Olomoro, Olomu I, Olomu II, Onicha-Olona, Onicha –Ukwani, Onicha Ugbo, Onyia/adiai/otuoku/umuolu, Opete/Assagba/edjophe, Oporoza, Opuama (egbema I), Orere, Orerokpe, Orhuwerun, Orogun I, Orogun II, Ossissa, Otibio, Otolokpo, Oviri-okpe, Ovrode, Ovwian I, Ovwian II, Owa V, Owa VI, Owa I, Owa II, Owa III, Owa IV, Owhe/akiehwe, Oyede, Ozoro I, Ozoro II, Ozoro III,
P, S, TPatani II, Patani III, Patani I, Pessu, Sapele Urban   III, Sapele Urban  IV, Sapele Urban   V, Sapele Urban   VII, Sapele Urban   VIII, Sapele Urban  I, Sapele urban   II, Seimbiri, Syama, Tamigbe, Tamigbe, Taware/Kolowara Aven, Toru-angiama, Torugbene, Tuomo
U, WUbulu-Uku I, Ubulu-Uku II, Ubulu-Unor, Ubulu Okiti, Udu I,Udu II, Udu III, Udu IV, Uduophori, Ugbomro/ugbolokposo, Ugborikoko, Ugbomanta Quarters, Ugborodo, Ugboroke, Ugbuwangue /ekurede-itsekri, Ughelli I, Ughelli II, Ughelli III, Ughoton, Ukala, Ukwu-Nzu, Umuaji, Umuebu, Umuezei, Umukwata, Umunede, Umuonaje, Umutu, Utagba ogbe, Utagba Uno  I, Utagba Uno   II, Utagba Uno   III, Ute-Ogbeje, Ute-Okpu, Uwheru, Uzere, West End

Map of Delta State

Delta State Map
Delta State Map

Delta State Economy

Delta State is rich in natural resources such as  oil production (petroleum products) and solid minerals like Lignite, Kaolin, Lime stone, Tar Sand, Decorative rocks, Silica, industrial clay. These mineral when being mixed produces things like, Bottles, Bricks, Ceramics, Glass, chemical Insulators. They are also into trading, buying and selling farm Products’. Trade is a major role in the economy of Delta State which includes several big markets such as; Abavo market, Agbado market, Edaiken uselu market, Ekeosa market.

Tourism- Interesting Places to Visit in Delta State 

  • Warri Kingdom Royal Cemetery
  • Falcorp Mangrove park
  • Lander Brothers Anchorage Asaba
  • The Niger Bridge
  • Mungo Park House
  • Demas Nwoko Edifce
  • Araya Bible Site
  • The River Ethiope
  • The Nana’s Place

Federal Constituencies in Delta State

There are ten constituencies in Delta State

  • Aniocha North and South/ Oshimili North and South
  • Bomadi/Patani
  • Burutu
  • Ethiope East/Ethiope West
  • Ika North East/ Ika South
  • Isoko North/Isoko South
  • Nkokwa East/Ndokwa West/Ukwunani
  • Okpe/Sapele/Uvwie
  • Ughelli North and South
  • West

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The Government of Delta State

Delta State Government has three arms of government:

  • The Executive Arm
  • The Legislative Arm
  • The Judicial Arm

The Executive Arm 

This Arm is headed by the State governor assisted by the commissioners who the governor appoints to head different departments of the State. IFEANYI ARTHUR OKOWA is the present governor of Delta State.

The Legislative Arm 

:  This is the State house of Assembly in Delta State; it is made up of 29 members voted by the people of the 29 constituencies of the State. CHIEF SHERIFT OBOREVWORI is the present speaker of the State Assembly.

The Judicial Arm 

This Arm of the State is headed by the chief judge of Delta State to ensure justice in all areas.  Justice ABIODU SIMTH is the present chief Judge of the State.

Zones in Delta State

There are three main zones in Delta State and each of them has local government areas under it. They are;

Senatorial DistrictLocal Government
Delta NorthAniocha North, Aniocha South, Ika North, Ika South, Ndokwa East, Ndokwa West, Ukwuani, Oshmili South, Oshimili North
Delta CentralEthiope East, Ethiope West, Udu, Okpe, Uvwie,  Sapele, Ughelli North, Ughelli South
Delta SouthBomadi, Burutu, Isoko South, Isoko North, Patani, Warri South, Warri North, WarriSouthWest

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