How 49 Out of 127 Buhari, Osinbajo’s Aides Got N2.48bn in Four Years

Government document showed earnings of Buhari and Osinbajo aides. 

RMACFC gives a breakdown of their earning.

Facts have emerged that President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo have no fewer than 127 aides serving under them.

Punch reports that findings at the Revenue Mobilisation, Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC) showed that four top aides are remunerated as ministers.

It was further discovered that out of the 127 aides, four are a little bit above the rank of ministers; 18 are aides that are paid for by donor agencies; 56 are aides of varied ranks whose emoluments could not be determined while 49 are on the rank of special advisers whose emoluments are captured by the RMAFC.

It was also revealed that the 49 aides whose emoluments are captured by the RMAFC are entitled to N2.48bn within a four-year tenure.

According to the findings, some of the aides are attached to the President’s wife, Aisha; Vice-President’s wife, Dolapo; Chief of Staff to the President and some ministers such as the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Information and Culture. The ides are classified into five categories: top aides, Special Advisers, Senior Special Assistants, Special Assistants and Personal Assistants.

The document also showed that four political appointees fall into the category of top aides. There are seven Special Advisers; 51 Senior Special Assistants; 47 Special Assistants and 18 Personal Assistants. Out of the 51 SSAs, however, nine of them are donor-funded. Among the 47 SAs, nine are also donor-funded. This means that 18 of the aides draw their salaries from donor agencies that give grants to the government.

Ahead of his second term which starts May 29. President Buhari is believed to retain or re-appoint most of the political appointees after the dissolution of his cabinet.

The 127 presidential aides are broken into: four top aides, seven special advisers, 51 senior special assistants, 47 special assistants and 18 personal assistants.

Each of them is also entitled to the privileges accorded ministers although in practical terms, ministers report to them.

The template for remuneration of political office holders prepared by RMAFC covered the earnings of special advisers and did not specify what senior special assistants, senior assistants and personal assistants earn.

Punch said a source at the RMAFC  revealed that the difference between a special adviser and a senior special assistant is just in nomenclature. This means that they are placed on the same salary scale.

Each special adviser is entitled to an annual basic salary of N1,942,875; motor vehicle fuel and maintenance of N1,457,156.25; special assistant (full value paid for by the government); personal assistant allowance of N485,718.75; domestic staff allowance of N1,457,156.25; entertainment allowance of N874,293.75; utilities allowance of N582,862.50 and newspapers/periodicals allowance of N291,493.75.

These allowances come up to a total of N7, 091,493.75 per annum or N590, 957.81 a month.

The total salary for the 49 aides amounts to N347, 483,193.75 per annum. For tenure of four years, they collect N1.39bn.

However, there are other irregular allowances. These include an accommodation allowance of N3, 885,750 per annum.

The 49 aides collect N190.4m per annum for accommodation. This amounts to N761.61m for tenure of four years.

A furniture allowance of N5, 828,625 is paid once in Four-year tenure. For the 49 aides, this amounts to N285.6m for the tenure. Leave allowance of N194, 287.50 is paid once a year. For the 49 aides, this amounts to N9.52m per annum or N38.08m per tenure.

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Other allowances include tour allowance of N25, 000 per night for local trip and $800 per night for foreign trips. Medical treatment is fully provided and not monetised.

For the salaries and allowances that are quantified, the 49 aides get an annualised total of N620m or N2.48bn in four years.

This excludes a severance allowance of N5, 828,625 per person at the end of the tenure.

The emoluments of the 47 special assistants and 18 personal assistants could not be ascertained because their entitlements were not contained in RMAFC’s template.

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