‘How Do You Sleep At Night?’, Fani-Kayode Asks Access Bank Boss Herbert Wigwe

A chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Femi Fani-Kayode has lambasted the  ‎MD/CEO of ‎Access Bank plc, Herbert Wigwe for sacking over 70 percent of the bank’s non-essential workers, asking him how he sleeps at night.

Wigwe had announced the move due to the coronavirus pandemic which he said has affected the institution. He pointed that some tellers, tea girls, cleaners, and security personnel will be retrenched as some of their branches nationwide will be closed.

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Taking to his Twitter page, Fani-Kayode, who is also a social media commentator, stated that shutting down over 300 hundred branches with a stroke of a pen means that thousands have been thrown into unemployment.

“Worse still you shut down 340 of your branches! With a stroke of the pen you have thrown thousands of people into unemployment at a time when they are already going through hell because of the lockdown & you have destroyed many families. @Herbertwigwe how do you sleep at night?,” he asked.


He further stated that Wigwe gave the federal government 1 Billion Naira to fight COVID-19 and sacked thousands the next day, which is a betrayal according to him.

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“You gave 1 Billion Naira to the FG to fight Covid 19 & the next day you sacked hundreds of your loyal staff. You betrayed your workers & turned your back on them when they needed you most because you were more interested in ur profits &appeasing Buhari. @myaccessbank SHAME ON U!”


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