How to Advertise Your Nigerian Business on Instagram 2020

If you’ve ever taken a course in marketing, one thing you learn is to always take the product/service to where the people are. In this age and time one sure place to always find people is on social media. With over 500 million active users on Instagram, it’s only common sense to use their advert channel. All the biggest companies in the world advertise online, some of them advertise on Instagram and Facebook at once.

If it’s good for the successful companies, then it’s also good for you. One of the perks of advertising on Instagram is that you don’t need an Instagram account to advertise on Instagram. A Facebook account will do, although it’s advisable that you have one, so that you can interact with your prospective Instagram market.

Another beauty of Instagram advertising is that adverts on Instagram look like posts, so it is much less invasive. It’s also DIY advertising, so you create the advert campaign yourself free of charge, and you only pay for it to run. So check out how to set up your Instagram ads today!

Setting Up your Advert

If you have ever advertised on Facebook, then you already in the clear, the ad creating process for Facebook and Instagram are very similar. Since Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, the two sites have been synchronized to a very large degree.

You’ll need a Facebook page for this, as your usual Facebook account won’t do. You’ll also need a Facebook ad account. You can have an ad campaign on Instagram without having an Instagram account. Your Instagram ads will use your Facebook’s image and name. Even if you have an account on Instagram, the initial set up will be done on Facebook. From the add setup to budgeting, scheduling will all be done on Facebook. If you have an Instagram account you’ll have to connect them both. Go to ‘settings’ on Facebook page and click on “Instagram Ads”

Choose an Editor

Three tools can be used to create ads on Facebook, they are Power Editor, Ad Creation tool and Facebook Ads API. Your needs are actually what determines what editing tool you’ll use. These ad creation tools satisfy the needs of most advertisers.

Select an Objective

After choosing the Ad Creation tool, then next will be to choose an objective. These are the list of objectives that are eligible for use on Instagram ads.

Boost your posts

Send people to your website

Increase conversions on your website

Get installs on your app

Increase engagement in your app

Get video views

After choosing your objective, the next step is to choose a name for the advert campaign and then an audience

Choose your audience

These are the people you want to see your advert; it’s just the same way as choosing your audience on a Facebook ad. Be careful with this because the way you choose your audience could spell the difference between a successful Instagram ad and a mediocre ad.


Then you choose a budget. For budget you have two options- daily budget and lifetime budget.

Daily budget is the amount of money you’ll spend for your ad to run for one full day. Lifetime budget is the amount of money for an ad to run for a particular period.

Ad Scheduling

With this you can determine how, when and how many times you want your ads to be displayed

Delivery Schedule

There are two options, standard delivery, and accelerated delivery. Accelerated delivery is for time sensitive ads.

Ad set name

This name is basically so that you can identify the ad set.

Set your ad creative

This is where you create what you want the ad to look like; you can use pictures, videos and text.

Select a call to action if you like.  Now you can preview your account if you like. Select “Advanced Options if you want to make any changes. Finally you are good to go, click on the green button to upload the advert.  Your ad should be running in 24 hours.

To keep an eye on your ad performance uses your Facebook ads manager or your marketing software.

Instagram is great for showcasing visual content (pictures and video). Use Instagram to increase your brand popularity with eye catching pictures and great videos. Instagram is a very interactive platform, with it you can interact with your customers thereby improving your products. You can also use it as a tool to pull a lot of traffic to your site. If you are still confused or need professional help contact Penning Solutions an expert and affordable digital marketing agency in Nigeria help you out.


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