How To Make Gizdodo Nigerian Delicacy

The name “Gizdodo” should ring a bell, if it does¬† you’ve probably heard it somewhere and it means a mixture of gizzards and fried plantain. The name is derived from both constituents, gizzards and fried plantain also known as dodo in Nigeria; hence the name gizdodo.

When making this oh-so-yummy recipe, it is advisable to use chicken gizzards – duck or Turkey gizzards maybe used as well. Please ensure the plantain is ripe but not over ripe.

Ingredients required to make gizdodo

Chicken gizzards (500gm)

2 ripe plantain

3 big fresh tomatoes

1 clove of garlic

3 habenero pepper

1 red ball pepper (tatashe)

1 teaspoonful crayfish

1 big onion bulb

Half teaspoon of curry

Half teaspoon of thyme

2 stock cubes

100ml of Vegetable oil

1 chopped green bell pepper

1 chopped red bell pepper

1 chopped small red onions

Steps for making gizdodo

Begin the cleaning of the gizzard with the removal of the yellow lining. Then use lemon juice or salted water to wash the gizzards. Ensure you scrub the gizzard very well to remove all dirt. After scrubbing, rinse the gizzards in running water. Cut the cooked gizzards into little sizes. Please note that if you purchase pre-packed gizzard, you might not see the yellow lining there. Simply continue with the procedure as stated here.

Carefully place the washed and strained gizzards in a pot, pour in sufficient water up to half of the level of the gizzards. Spice up the gizzards with garlic, thyme, half onion bulb, one stock cube, curry and salt. Cook it until it becomes soft. Although this may take a while because gizzard is muscle meat as a result of which makes it tough to cook. This make people believe that gizzard doesn’t absorb seasoning but it’s good to add enough seasoning as much as you want and ensure the meat cooks as well as to allow the stock to dry.

Next is to fry the plantain. Begin by cutting the plantain into cubes.

Get the vegetable oil and fry diced plantain until its brown. Take out the fried plantain and keep for a while.

In the same oil, fry the gizzards until it turns brown. After frying, take out fried gizzard. Although, you may grill the gizzards in lieu of frying if you like. Frying seem a better option anyway!

Take the chopped tomatoes with peppers and blend together.¬† Fry chopped onions in some oil for a while. Add the crayfish and Stir before adding the blended mix to fry. Fry for about 15 minutes until you lose the sour taste. Add the other stock cube with salt allow to cook for about three minutes. Once the oil rises above the stew, it’s an indication the sauce is cooked.

Pour the fried gizzards into the sauce and cook for some minutes in order to soak the gizzards in the sauce. Add the chopped onions, the fried plantains, red and green peppers. Ensure they are well Mixed. Your gizdodo is ready. Enjoy gizdodo with a cold drink, fresh juice or as a side dish.

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