How to Cook Yam Porridge

There is usually an argument on whether this food should be called yam porridge or yam pottage. Whatever you choose to call it, yam porridge is an age-long staple food in Nigeria. It’s generally called asaro in the western part of Nigeria. Some call it Ebe because of the preparation method.

A well prepared yam porridge like the one in the image above is simply self inviting. I mean by look of the food itself, you are likely to feel the need to just wolf it down. To prepare this wonderful food, you only need few ingredients and preparation time is pretty short.

Check out this easy yam porridge recipe.

Ingredients for Yam Porridge

1 big onion bulb

100ml Palm Oil

1 smoked fish (Mackerel/Titus) OR Dry fish

2 tablespoon ground crayfish

Leaf (Nchanwu/Effirin)

Fresh vegetable e.g Parsley Pumpkinetc

Chilli Pepper



Yam Porridge Preparation Process

Peel the back of the yam and cut into moderate sizes. After cutting, wash the yam cubes and transfer into a pot.

Pick up the onion, wash and cut into tiny pieces. Then blend or grind the chilli pepper and keep it aside. Next is to soak the dry fish so as to eliminate the bones.

Add water to the pot which contains the cut yam cubes. Ensure the water is enough to cover the yam and cook with medium to high heat. Add the dry fish as well.

After boiling the yam for a good time, then add the smoked fish, pepper, the onions, ground crayfish, maggi, as well as the palm oil. Then cover the pot and cook till the yam is well cooked. Add salt and stir well. Cook more for about 5 minutes with high heat.

Finally, add green vegetable. Stir and leave for about 3 minutes before you serve. Some people love it hot while some prefer it to cool before eating.

Some people enjoy it just like that and for some, they like it with stew on it. It all depends on your preference. Either way is great!

You can add another dimension to your yam pottage by adding boiled soft black-eyed beans or locust beans just three minutes before the food is done.

Image Source: Chef Lola


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