How to Get Australian Visa in Nigeria 2020

Australia received worldwide recognition after the Olympics in 2000.Since the Olympics took place in Sydney, a whole lot of people are now aware of the beauty that lies in Australia.

Australia proudly boasts of many beautiful sights such as mountains, deserts and beaches. Due to this, Australia is a major tourist destination for people from all over the world. Nigerians are not left out of this trend.

Types of Australian Visa

The knowledge of the types of visa available to applicants of Australian visa is very necessary. There are many types of Australian visa available to visa applicants. The visa type to be applied for is dependent on your purpose of visiting Australia.

Some of these visas are for permanent reasons while the others are temporary. It is quite easy to get a temporary visa but a little difficult to get a permanent visa.

Some of the frequently requested visas are tourist visa, visitors’ visa, student visa, work visa and business visa.

Business Visa

When applying for this visa, seeking for help from an immigration lawyer is advised. There are lots of paper works involved in getting this visa.

This visa is best applied for by people that have businesses in Australia or intend to start a business in Australia. Also, if you are planning on investing in a business in Australia, then this is the ideal visa.

Work Visa

A work visa could be both permanent and temporary. This visa can be applied for by individuals in possession of skills considered important in Australia.

Visitors Visa

This visa can be applied for by tourists, and people paying a visit to loved ones in Australia. This usually requires a letter of invitation from whoever is being visited.

Student Visa

As compared to other Australian visas, this is the easiest to obtain. It can be obtained for all types of studies. The Australian student visa can be extended into a work visa.

Documents Required for Australian Visa

To get an Australian visa, the following documents are needed:

  • Document showing hotel booking
  • A statement of account from your bank
  • A letter of permission from your employer
  • Photocopies of ID card and passport
  • Passport size photos
  • Nigerian passport with a validity of at least 6 months
  • Medical report

How to Apply for Australian Visa in Nigeria

To apply for an Australian visa, download the Australian visa application form and read carefully before filling. After completely filling the form, attach a recent passport photograph to it and submit it in person. This can be done at the nearest registration center to you. Your visa application fee should be paid after submitting your application.

Estimated Cost of Processing Australian Visa

There is no fixed cost for processing Australian visa. This is due to regular change of price.

At the moment however, Australian visa application fee is 130 AUD.

Estimated Time for Processing Australian Visa

An estimated time of 48 hours is required to process Australian visa. If you do not get any response after a while, then chances are your application letter has been turned down.

Estimated Cost of Flights to Australia

Etihad airways offers some of the best flight rates to Australia. To obtain the best flight rates from Nigeria to Australia, it is important to know the peak season. The peak season usually falls between October and February. During the peak season, flight tickets are most expensive. To get a favorable price when flying, Book your tickets weeks before flying, this should be done in the off peak seasons.

Below is the coat of Flying to some Australian cities from Lagos:

Lagos to Sydney                 3805 AUD

Lagos to Melbourne            3773 AUD

Australia has close to perfect weather throughout the year. With lots of outdoor activities to engage in, a visit to Australia will always be worth it.

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