How to Get Free Facebook Likes in 2020

Facebook likes have become a goldmine. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, celebrity or business owner, likes have huge influence on your online presence.

From running Facebook ads to creating visual content, there are a number of ways to get Facebook likes.

How to Get Free Facebook likes

Invite your friends to like your page

Do you know you can get a thousand likes by just inviting your friends to like your Facebook page.

This is the first step after creating a Facebook page.

Simply invite your Facebook friends to like your Page by just clicking on Invite Friends button right on your page.

A notification will be sent to your friends to like your Facebook page.

Run Facebook Ads

Another way to generate Facebook likes is by running Facebook Ads campaign. Facebook Ads are inexpensive ways to acquire Facebook likes.

To increase the visibility of your brand on Facebook, it’s best you run “Engagement Ads”.

Frankly speaking, any ad you create can increase your likes and number of followers.

To create an ad, go to Facebook Ads Manager and click on Ads Manager button in the Ads Center tab of your Facebook Page.

Also, select the relevant demographic location on the maps section, add your payment method and the number of days you want to complete the ad process.

Post your Facebook page link in relevant groups

Based on your niche, find Open Facebook Groups with enough members.

Tap the Join button and the Group’s admin will approve you as a member within a short time.

Copy your Facebook page URL and paste it on the post section. Once your post goes live, a thumbnail will be created with clickable Like Button.

Create viral content

Want to get more likes and engagements on your Facebook page? Create viral content.

Research has shown that memes, relatable quotes and funny videos get more likes, comments and shares compared to an ordinary post.

Also, you can use current events to your advantage. Facebook posts with the incorporation of current events is a sure way to gain traction and likes.

Don’t know how to create your own viral content? Share viral content with your audience but pay credit to the creator.

Hosting giveaways

Giveaways are great strategy to increase Facebook likes. There’s a right and wrong way to conduct giveaways.

Do it wrong and you might be shut out of Facebook. Make sure you get it right.

Prior to this time, Facebook users could run giveaways such that liking Facebook page could be used as a criteria.

Today, Facebook has placed a policy against the act.

You can still host giveaways but instead of asking contestants to like your page, you can insert a call to action to like the page.

Comment on other pages in your niche

Commenting on other users’ pages, liking their posts, and engaging with other followers will get you the much needed attention.

By doing this, you’re likely to get more likes and clicks to your page.

Building connections with other influencers in your niche is beneficial to your online presence.

Create more visual content

Want to gain more Facebook likes? Try video marketing.

Video content on Facebook often gets higher levels of engagement compared to pictures and text-based posts.

Due to this, you’ll garner more views on your content.

The more views and Facebook likes you get, the greater your chances of getting found by potential new Facebook followers.

Want to increase your Facebook likes? You’ve got to step up your visual content strategy

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