How to Get NAFDAC Number in Nigeria Fast – 2021 Guide

You’ve got a new product and creating it wasn’t easy. However, you are excited that your product would be in the market soon and then all the pains would be worth it. You take samples of your awesome product to a supermarket to display it to their customers but you get the shock of your life. “We can’t display your product because it doesn’t have a NAFDAC number” says the store manager while typing away at a computer.

Disappointment starts to set in as you wonder what on earth a NAFDAC number is or how to get it. Not to worry, NAFDAC number is not a death sentence for your awesome product. In fact, it makes the sales of your product legitimate in Nigeria.


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The National Agency for Foods, Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) is the agency that has been put in place by the Federal Government under the Ministry of Health to check and control the distribution, importation and production of food, drugs, water, drinks and other human consumables in the country.

If you own a business that produces, imports or exports any sort of the consumable products such as listed above, and you intend operating within the market in Nigeria, then you need to obtain NAFDAC approval to avoid being shut down, blacklisted or even sanctioned.

A proof of confirmation by NAFDAC is the NAFDAC number you’ll be given which you can then paste on your product package.

In this article, we will show you how you can easily get your product registered under NAFDC as fast as possible.

NAFDAC categorizes the registration of products into two distinct categories these are:

  • Food
  • Drugs

To get NAFDAC number for your product as fast as possible, you have to meet up with the laid down guidelines by the agency. The sooner you meet up with these guidelines the sooner you’ll get an NAFDAC registration number for your product.

WARNING: Taking back channels and bribery could lead to fake registration and financial loss.

Your first step to getting your product(s) registered with NAFDAC is to purchase the relevant registration application form from the NAFDAC office closest to you, and then follow the guidelines below.

Guidelines for NAFDAC registration of any drug, vaccine, chemical product and the likes

NAFDAC number

Submit the following to NAFDAC office:

  1. Certificate of Incorporation of the company from Corporate Affairs Commissions
  2. 3 or more packs of sample
  • Original copy of the Power of Attorney from the product manufacturer for imported drugs
  1. Certificate of manufacture
  2. Completed NAFDAC application form
  3. The application letter of registration of the product
  • Duly signed Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product
  • Premises Registration License from Pharmacists Council of Nigeria
  1. Letter of invitation from manufacturer to inspect factory abroad, full names and location of plant
  2. Certificate of Registration of brand name with trademark registry

Pay the following processing fees for locally produced drug:

  • Drug – #70,000 and a 5% VAT per product
  • Traditional Medicines
    • #10,000 and a 5% VAT (small scale Industry)
    • #40,000 and a 5% VAT (Large Scale Industry)
    • #20,000 and a 5% VAT (Medium Scale Industry)
  • Cosmetics: – #50,000 and a 5% VAT
  • Phytomedicines – #70,000 and a 5% VAT
  • Nutraceuticals – #70,000 and a 5% VAT

Processing fee for imported drug products:

#250,000 and a 5% VAT per product for Prescription Only Medicines (POM) as well as one million naira plus 5% VAT by bank draft in favor of the Agency

Guidelines for NAFDAC registration of food manufactured in Nigeria


Submit the following to the NAFDAC head office:

  1. Application form including the name of the manufacturer, brand name, and product(s).
  2. Comprehensive Certificate of analysis of the batch of the product submitted for registration from the manufacturer stating name and signature of the analyst
  • Trademark approval for brand name from Federal Ministry of Commerce.
  1. Pre-production inspection/ Certificate of recognition issued by NAFDAC
  2. Certificate of Incorporation of the company issued by the CAC

Guidelines for NAFDAC registration of imported food

Biscuit NAFDAC

Submit the following to the NAFDAC head office:

  1. An application for registration of a food product
  2. An evidence of Power of Attorney from the manufacturer
  • Written application, stating name of the manufacturer, the product names
  1. Evidence of license to manufacture food for sale in the country of origin. Evidence that the sale of the product does not constitute a contravention of the food laws of that country of origin
  2. Certificate of Incorporation of the representative company issued by the Corporate Affairs commission in Nigeria
  3. Trademark registration (from the Federal Ministry of Commerce in Nigeria) evidence.
  • Certificate of Analysis of the batch of product to be registered.
  • Permit to import samples
  1. A letter of Invitation to inspect the factory abroad

Processing fee for imported food products

Food Registration Form #250,0000 per Food product and a 5% VAT (Value Added Tax).

Processing fee for local food products

  • Food – #50,000 and a 5% VAT
  • Water in sachet: #30,000 and a 5% VAT.
  • Water in bottle: #50,000 and a 5% VAT

As stated earlier, the sooner you can meet up with the NAFDAC guidelines, the sooner you get your NAFDAC registration number. The ball is in your court. After you’ve completed this process, you can sit back and relax while your product makes you some cool cash.

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Please note that these fees are being levied on applicants aid NAFDAC to clinically test all products. Testing lasts for a period of 3 months.

Visit: for further information and download complete NAFDAC registration guidelines. Cheers!

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    i want to import examination hand glove from china and i don’t no how to get a nafdac number please i need help,

    • February 16, 2017 at 11:15 am

      Hello Chijioke,
      You’d have to start with importing samples of the product for the purpose of getting your NAFDAC number. Go to to see the conditions for registering imported products. Whatever you do, don’t try to cut corners or you you’d be struggling to get your NAFDAC number for a long time.

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    How much fee does it cost a small business owner, local food production to pay for NAFDAC number. it still the same 50,000.

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    Hi admin, I have a small local palm oil mill and how much will it cost me to have a nafdac number for me to be able to supply my product in the supermarket?


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