How To Get Rid of African Mosquitoes Naturally

One of the most common causes of deaths in Africa is Malaria, a disease passed on by the female mosquitoes. The insect, mosquito, are the main reason why a lot of people die daily all over Africa.

The African continent has most been hit by this deadly disease due to the poor state of the environment including problems like stagnant waters. The stagnant waters are one of the ways through which mosquitoes multiply in a particular environment. Keeping an environment clean is one of the first steps, if not the best step, to get rid of mosquitoes.

However, failure to keep one’s environment clean by removing all stagnant waters will lead to the birth of a lot of mosquitoes. At the end of this article, you would be duly informed on how to get rid of mosquitoes naturally without adopting any artificial style. In order to get rid of mosquitoes naturally, you can follow the steps below:

1) Garlic

Garlic is a sure natural way to get rid of mosquitoes if you can stand the smell! Garlic is also known to be herbs which a lot of people especially the elderly ones use as medicine. The herb, Garlic, consists of different properties which aids in keeping mosquitoes far away from individuals.

In order for you to make this work out effectively, you can proceed to breaking into pieces little cloves of garlic and then proceed in boiling them in water.

Then the next step for you to take is to put in the resulting solution in a bottle which is capable of spraying. When all that is finally done, you can then go about spraying the solution where you do no longer want to see mosquitoes again. Begin with your room, and then you can spray the solution where you think they are much in order to erase any trace of the insect. You will be surprised on how this solution will work effectively and instantly.

2) Coffee Grounds

You do not have to go too far in search of coffee grounds. A lot of people often have coffee grounds within the location where they live. It is also one of the natural ways to get rid of mosquitoes.

Since stagnant waters are the main reason why the number of mosquitoes increases, the coffee ground is then the best solution to solve this problem What you will simply have to do is just to pour the coffee grounds into the stagnant waters around where mosquitoes reproduce on a daily basis.

When the mosquitoes come up to the top, they will then die as a result of not having enough oxygen because of the coffee grounds that was poured. Try this out if you have coffee grounds around your area and you will be amazed to see how mosquitoes will drastically reduce where you live.

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3) Lavender Oil

Mosquitoes cannot withstand the scent of the lavender oil, and this can be in your advantage. You can permanently get rid of mosquitoes around your vicinity when you constantly spray the lavender oil.

Some scholars are also of the opinion that you can spray or rub the lavender oil on your body when you want to sleep in order keep mosquitoes far from you. The lavender oil causes mosquitoes to die and so they stay far away from the scent of the lavender oil.
This is sure a natural way to get rid of mosquitoes in your home and around your area.

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4) Mint

The Mint is a solution which is very much similar to the lavender oil. Mosquitoes also cannot withstand the smell of Mint and you can take full advantage of that. What you have to do is to either take fresh mint or mint oil and place it in different parts of your environment in order to get rid of mosquitoes. You should rub the leaves between your hands to release its scent. Also, you can as well begin to grow mint shrubs in order to get rid of mosquitoes permanently and prevent them from disturbing you in later years to come. You can use Nigerian scent leaf or Nchuanwu in place of mint leaf.

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5) Tea Tree Oil

The tea tree oil has a lot of anti-bacterial features and is used in treating different kinds of injuries and diseases. It is also a very effective mosquito repellent.

What you will have to do is to mix some drops of the tea tree oil in water and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray the solution around your area to reduce mosquitoes.

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6) Basil leaves

The Basil leaves to a lot of people are known for killing mosquito larvae. You may still be wondering how this can be beneficial for you? What you will have to do is to plant a basil plant around your environment (both and front). Then spray the basil oil in your area to get rid of mosquitoes.

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7) Pinion Wood

You can begin burning a few pinion wood around your area if you are seeking to get rid of mosquitoes. The pinion wood is a very popular wood which is used for burning in outdoor places.

What you have to do is to simply burn the pinion wood outside your home and the smell coming out from the burning of the pinion wood will instantly kill the mosquitoes.

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8) Citronella

According to reports, the citronella oil is extracted from the citronella grass which performs the function of eliminating mosquitoes. This grass is popularly known as lemon grass or tea grass in Nigeria. It is often very fragrant.

The citronella can be used as a candle or in a vaporizer form in order to totally eliminate mosquitoes. Also, you can crush it and mix with water to make a spray in order to get rid of mosquitoes.

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9) Camphoris

Camphoris (camphor for short) is known to be a natural home remedy for getting rid of mosquitoes and it will help in keeping mosquitoes away. The odor is what keeps mosquitoes away from coming around your home. Light the camphor and close all areas of ventilation and after about 30 minutes, you will not see any mosquitoes again.

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10) Beer and Alcohol

This is the final natural way of getting rid of mosquitoes and may sound very funny to a lot of people. However, as funny as it may sound, it also works very well. Mosquitoes cannot stand the smell of beer and alcohol and so they go away whenever people smell of these drinks. Keep a bottle of beer and alcohol and you will be surprised that you will no longer be seeing mosquitoes around.

The above 10 listed ways to get rid of mosquitoes naturally will work effectively if you decide to try any of them out. The female mosquitoes are very dangerous as they pass on Malaria from one individual to another. Getting rid of them should be your priority and there is no better way to get rid of mosquitoes than doing it naturally.

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