How To Know If Your Partner Is Cheating On You

How do you know if your partner is cheating? This is a common question people ask. But the thing is, if you are asking this question, you have to be careful about how you handle it, especially if don’t have ‘real’ proof.

What if your suspicions aren’t true? What if partner denies it? Are you even ready for the aftermath? That is why it’s necessary to make sure you have tangible evidence before accusing your partner of cheating.

Now answering the question of how to know your partner is cheating, there are different signs for different people. However, there are some common signs peculiar to cheating partners that you can look out for.

The more signs you notice with your partner, the more proof that something might be wrong with your relationship.

10 Signs To Look Out For:

1. They Are Hiding Things From You On Their Phone

Not always, but cheating partners tend to guard their phones more fiercely than they used to. If your partner’s phone suddenly has a password or a changed password from what you used to know, then it isn’t a good sign.

Also, if they start deleting texts or always in possession of their phone or won’t let you use their phone; then that’s an obvious sign they are hiding something.

2. Their Friends Are Acting Weird

Usually when your partner is cheating, you’re the last to know. Their friends most likely already know about it.

The knowledge of their friend’s infidelity may cause them to be uncomfortable around you. They may even avoid you and in some cases, they can act extremely nice to you in a way they’ve never been before.

If you have a strong inclination that your partner is cheating but can’t find evidence, the best method is to study their friends behaviour or confront them if need be.

3. Altered Schedule and Late Nights

Their ‘friends’ suddenly need them every other late night? They are now frequently having impromptu work trips they never informed you about before? 

Then something is fishy.

Spending extra time at the gym or office, flat tires, dead batteries, impromptu trips or similar excuse for being absent only means one thing, something is wrong. 

4. No More Intimacy 

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If your intense relationship suddenly fades and your partner is making no effort to revive it no matter how hard you try, then that’s a sign that their focus has shifted.

Meanwhile, you should know that sometimes a shift can happen in your relationship whereby the spice and energy that existed in the beginning is no longer there. However, if they act like everything’s okay or not interested in reviving the spice, it could mean they are getting the intimacy from someone else.

Sometimes though, it’s the opposite for some people. They are suddenly nice to you and try to be more intimate to cover up their guilt and tracks.

5. Your Partner Is Suddenly Hostile To You

How to know if your partner is cheating

Cheating partners usually try to justify their reasons for cheating. It’s hard for them to believe they are cheaters so they make it about you, they rationalize their behavior and put the blame on you.

They tell themselves you’ve been too busy with work, you snore when you sleep, you don’t look as beautiful as before, you don’t care about them like you used to and other trivial issues that could have been solved without cheating.

During this period, they may act hostile to you, start to complain about you and what you do and all of a sudden, you can’t do anything right to them. If you’re getting pushed away or your partner keeps picking up random fights and arguments, then this may be a strong indication that they are seeing someone else.

6. They are Not Interested In You Or Your Affairs Like They Used To

There’s a likely indication that your partner is cheating if they seem bored with you, no longer care how your day went or seem indifferent to your affairs.

Also, without any serious fight, if they stop showing love and affection and almost feels like you are no longer an important part of their lives, then you obviously want to have a conversation with them.

7. They Are Accusing You Of Cheating

How to know if your partner is cheating

That’s how some cheating partners deal with their infidelity, they accuse you of the same thing they are guilty of to deal with their own insecurities and guilt.

8. You Can’t Reach Them On Phone

If your partner suddenly starts missing your calls or respond to your texts late, then something is definitely wrong.

In this internet and technology era, it’s always uncommon for people to be without their phones. You should be on the lookout when you try to reach your partner and they don’t pick or call back within minutes except of course they have a good reason! In the middle of a business deal? Driving? Or maybe sleeping?

But if it keeps happening often and they are deceptive about their whereabouts, it’s probably because they don’t want you to know where they are. And why won’t your partner want you to know where they’ve been to?

9. They Can’t Make Eye Contact With You

How to know if your partner is cheating

Psychologists have proven that if someone can no longer hold eye contact with you, it’s because they are hiding things from you.

In addition, if your partner is avoiding all forms of contact with you: like they now prefer to sleep on the couch, they leave the chair when you join them or don’t have much to say to you anymore, then something is wrong.

10. Money Issues and Unexplained Finances

Why is your partner suddenly secretive about their finances? They don’t want to tell you why they have odd charges in their account or can’t explain the purchase from places you rarely visit together, then that means your partner is spending money on someone else. 

In Conclusion…

You should know that your partner can exhibit all of the 10 signs above and still not be cheating. Or even crazier, they may not show any of the mentioned signs and be cheating.

But these signs remain indications that something is wrong in your relationship especially if you can relate most or all of the signs to them. 

Whether you’re right about your suspicion that your partner is cheating or not, the most important thing is conversation. Talk to your partner about the issues you’ve noticed in the relationship and make sure you are on the same page!

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