How to Make Edo Black Soup – Best Recipe

Black soup is a delicious soup. This soup is indigenous to the Edo people of Nigeria. Black soup derived its name from black color of the soup brought about by the combination of divers leaves.

What you will see below is a plate of black soup, the way it is made by Edo people. I recommend you ignore the colour and get dining because it is super tasty and nutritious.

Some people prepare black soup with only Bitter leaf and effirin (also known as scent leaf) while some others prefer it with bitter leaf and uziza leaves.

Ingredients for Making Black Soup

Washed bitter leaves (2 cups)

Sliced uzizi leaves (2 cups)

Assorted Meat (1Kg)

Sliced Scent leaves (1/2 cup)

Roasted fish (300g)

Stock fish (7 pieces)

Ground crayfish (1/2 cup)

Palm fruit sauce (4 cup)

Ground Pepper to taste

Knorr. (4 cubes)


Steps for Making Black Soup

Pack all the leaves and grind all together, these ground leaves works as the soup thickener and also enhance its black looking colour. Most likely where it derived its name. You may blend with water to form paste.

Wash the meat thoroughly and boil with half cup of onions, a pinch of salt and two cubes of maagi. Cook for about 45 minutes, until the meat softens, you may add little water to prevent it from getting burnt.

Add the dry fish after washing hot water, crayfish, stock fish, pour in the banga sauce and leave it to cook for about 15 minutes until the soupy combination thickens.

Stir after adding the ground leaves with 2 cubes of maggi and salt. Leave to simmer for additional five minutes and the soup is ready.

Serve with amala, fufu eba, or semo and enjoy the delicious soup. Ensure you get a chilled drink with meal, you might just get palm wine to make it exclusively African.

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