Best Indomie Noodles Recipe to Make Today

When one hears about noodles, the first thing that usually comes to mind is a meal for children. But the truth is that most adults love noodles just the way children do. Some declare their love for noodles publicly while some are closeted noodle eaters. (wink)

Noodles which is commonly known as Indomie or Indomie noodles in Nigeria, is so consumed by we Nigerians that it has become one of our traditional dishes. There are various ways to spice up noodles rather than the usual bland way it is commonly served.

Below is one of my favourite noodle recipes which I call Fried Indomie

Ingredients for Indomie Noodles

2 packets of noodles

2 Fresh tomatoes

3 Fresh peppers (rodo)

I small Onions

2 sausages

Vegetable oil

2 handfuls of sliced Cabbage

2 Carrots

Green peas/green pepper

1 seasoning cube

Steps To Preparing Garnished Fried Indomie Noodles

Parboil the noodles by pouring into a pot of boiling water and bring out immediately (1 minute). Noodles shouldn’t get too soft; otherwise this could ruin the entire dish.

In a frying pan pour in a little amount of oil and put in all your ingredients, except for the peas and green pepper. The seasoning cube is added because all the ingredients used in cooking tend to reduce the tastiness of the noodle spice.

Allow to fry on low heat for about 5 minutes. Then add just little water and then add your noodles. Add the green peas, stir together and allow to cook for 3-5 minutes.

You can serve with chicken, fish, boiled or fried eggs. Apart from creating a rich taste, the extra ingredients spice up the outlook of the meal with bursts of colours like red, green and orange. You can also add sweet corn to this recipe for an extra colour (yellow)

There are different brands on noodles in  the market, but Indomie noodles seems to be most people’s preferred choice.

Whichever brand you are using, the important thing is that you come out with a delightful mouth watering noodle dish.

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