How to Make Money Online With Youtube 2020/2021

YouTube is a platform where people share videos of ideas, songs, movies, tutorials and more. The platform draws about 1 billion users every month and that is a huge audience of viewers and creators on one platform. The platform boasts of 1 million creators on the YouTube Partner Program alone. All you simply have to do is to create a channel for yourself after which you start creating your video content.  (YouTube)

In this piece we would be looking at how you can make money using your personal YouTube account;

Generate Blog Traffic

If you run a blow or website and are already making money from it, then you will need more traffic to keep making more money. You can start by recreating your content into videos or creating new content where you can put your website address on the video. You will also need to add your website address on your introduction caption to your video that way you can funnel your YouTube traffic to it.

Create and Promote Products on YouTube

If you have products that you have created you can make videos and promote them on YouTube. There are quite a number of products you can make; ebooks, songs, videos, jewelry, beads, necklaces, fashion accessories and more. What you need to do is to add a link to your website cart/ product so that one can be redirected to where he can purchase them. There is nothing stopping you from doing a detailed review of such products, share their benefits and how your customers can make use of them.

Earn Commission as an Affiliate Marketer

This involves getting paid to sell and market other people’s products. Many companies today offer affiliate programs as a way of increasing sales, creating more lead opportunities and also helping their affiliate marketers make some money. You can sign up as an affiliate with Amazon, Ebay, Commission Junction, ClickBank, and more. To leverage on the opportunity that YouTube creates, you can make videos of such products, a review of it and share the benefits it can create for customers and also add your affiliate at the description of the video.

Create Youtube TV Series

You are only limited by your imagination in this regard because you can create your own stories, TV series, cartoons and dramas and put it up on YouTube for people to see. This can bring in opportunities for you especially who will be willing to work with you in promoting your skill and brand in storytelling. If you are struggling screen writer or movie producer, you can get friends and you can work with them in producing great content that will put you in front of a new audience on YouTube. YouTube however allows you a limit of 15 minutes to produce your series but if you want more you are allowed to increase your limit.

Be a YouTube Personality

If you think you have influence already in your profession, you can go ahead and create a personal YouTube Channel that can showcase your skill and the message you have. At $7 per one thousand views, you can increase this amount as more people view your videos. You can be on your way to being the next YouTube star.

Monetize Your Videos

If you have videos that you have created in the past, this might be the time to sign up for YouTube Partner Program and start monetizing your content. You will be paid the same way YouTube Stars are paid by advertising on your videos. One thousand views can generate $7 for and that amount can increase over time.

Create Tutorials

Tutorials are a huge deal on YouTube and you can leverage on this. Do you have any skill or what you have learnt, then is time to start creating video tutorials to teach people about it. From there you can start putting ads on your videos which will generate money based on views. Beauty videos are very popular in this regard. Michelle Phan has over 1.3 millions views on her channel.

Build and Increase Your Brand

You can showcase your skills on YouTube by creating videos about what you are good at. This is being utilized by comedians who are making short skits that are going viral every day. If you are a speaker you can reach your audience using your YouTube channel. All these videos can be monetized and make some bucks for yourself.

Start a Vlog

Just like a blog, you can start a video blog on YouTube. You’d be surprised by how much people love to know what’s going on in other people’s lives. Many vloggers on YouTube are raking in thousands of dollars by creating short videos about their daily activities or lifestyle. The key to gaining followers and subsequently making money from vlogging is approaching everyday activities from a unique point of view and persistence. If you keep it up, you’d soon have dedicated followers who can’t wait for your next upload.

Offer Reviews

Reviews happen to be one of the pillars of the online community. People want to know about a product, song, movie or book before they purchase them. Plus people love seeing other people’s works criticized. If you are very good at constructive or just funny criticisms, you can start a channel on YouTube that reviews popular products. You’d have to be an interesting commentator to pull this one off. Over time you’d gain a following that would let you rake in money from monetizing your channel.

These days people are getting lazy to read text (though words still carry power) but with short videos of original content you can communicate your message better, reach more people, build a brand, and also monetize such content eventually. The world of viral videos is huge and with a billion users counting on YouTube, you can make something from it in no time.

Hope you found this article informative? You can share your YouTube money systems in the comments section!

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