How To Make Money Online

Making money is an interesting thing to talk about. What’s even more cool is when you explore the chances of making it online.

There’re lots of articles online all trying to show you different ways to make money online. If you’ve read as much as I have, you’d agree that some of the suggestions are pretty weird… just saying… but you know it’s true.

Making money online requires as much commitment as you would give to a 9-5 job. In fact, I would say it requires even more if you desire to stand out and be taken seriously at what you do.

With this in mind, here are some key attitudes you must possess to be very successful in making money online.

1- Be a PROFESSIONAL as much as possible.

2- Scale your task with TIME (time is money).

3- Say MUCH about YOURSELF to get you on the job but not too much to take you off the job.

4- Take every task SERIOUSLY, to bring out the best in you for the best outcome.

5- DOUBLE-CHECK yourself to be sure you are equal to the task and would deliver as expected.


There are several ways of making money online but most can be classified in five ways. Why not we take a look and see which of them you would like to explore…..


As the name implies, this one requires you to work at home. Some companies are ready to hire you to work from the comfort of your home. This often gives you the privilege to work work around a convenient schedule.

Such companies hire for jobs ranging from writing, editing, film making, transcription jobs and more.

Some companies to look out for in this league are: Leap Force, Demand Studio, Speak Write, Crowd Source and many more.


Blogging is another way to make money online but you have to first own a blog and make the most of it.

When you own a blog, it increases the options you have to maximise your profit. You can make money from blogs through the following:

ADVERTISING: Adverts can be placed on your blog to generate funds for you.

AFFILIATES : This allows your to promote a product on your blog and get a percentage of every sale made using the link in your blog.

MEMBERSHIP: People become a member and pay for a certain service you offer on your blog.

PRODUCT: You create a product like an ebook, sell and get paid.

Other ways to get paid blogging include: Services; Sponsored or Paid post; Subscriptions and Videos.


There are lots of products being created everyday. Most of the time, feedback on these product is needed to boost the confident for both the owners and the consumers of the product.

Website like e-poll surveys, Survey clubs, Swagbucks, Inbox dollars and many more websites on the net pay people to take surveys, or use a free trial version of their products in exchange for a review.


Making money as a freelance writer is largely dependent on how good and fast you are at writing. Bear in mind that what you write must be very meaningful and relevant.

Some freelance employers pay you for sharing your holiday experience, and some for writing about a topic you love. You can be paid per word or per page depending on the company or even person you’re writing for.

Companies like International living; Funds for writers; A List Apart; TopTenz and more, pay great for your article. Some take into account a minimum of 1500 words per articles, while others don’t. However, most are very particular about grammar and writing experience.

As a freelance writer, you have a better chance with companies that post articles regularly.


Amazon, EBay, Facebook, Craigslist and more, are some of the platforms that offer great opportunities for you to sell your used stuffs or new stuff via their online store.

Most of these sites handle your goods and take a percentage when a sale is made, which is acceptable considering the service they render.

But to effectively buy or sell stuffs online, you’ll need to have a PayPal account, be honest, take good pictures of your goods and do good business.

All these are legitimate businesses you can do online. So time to finally take a step towards getting that extra source of income.

Do you have ideas on other ways to make money online? Do share in the comments section!


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