How To Make Nkwobi Native Nigerian Recipe

Nkwobi is a very popular delicacy that originates from South-Eastern Nigeria and can be found at a few selected local restaurants.

Nkwobi is made with tenderly cooked cow leg and mixed in thick rich sauce.

Apart from the delicious taste of this dish, another thing that gives it great point is its attractive presentation, which usually comes in a shallow wooden bowl.

More of an appetizer and served on its own, Nkwobi has become a favourite in many local joints.

Ingredients for Nkwobi


Sliced ugba (oil bean)

Sliced utazi (bitter native vegetable leaves)

Ground pepper(black, red)

Ground potash

Salt, palm oil, chopped onions, ground crayfish

Ground “ehuru”/efuru

Seasoning cubes

Method for Making Nkwobi

To make the sauce for Nkwobi, first of all dissolve some potash into about a cup of water. Gently heat up some palm oil and pour the dissolved palm oil a little at a time. After a while, the palm oil in the pot begins to turn bright yellow and then it thickens.

Continue to add the potash water and stir until you get a thick yellow sauce to your preferred consistency. For a richer taste, you can use meat stock in place of water. Just ensure that it is cool before you attempt to dissolve potash in it.

Cut the cow leg into piece and season with salt and onions. Cook till tender, then leave to cool.

Add  other ingredients  like the ugba, ground pepper, crayfish and ehuru to the sauce. Stir properly until all ingredients are well blended together.

The final stage is adding the cow leg, seasoning and salt. Allow to simmer for about three to five minutes.

After it is brought down from the fire, garnish by sprinkling the utazi and thinly sliced onion rings.

Nkwobi is a dish that can either be served hot or cold, to me, it does really make any difference. All that matters is its delicious mouth watering taste.

Image Source: Sisi Yemi


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