How to Naturally Conceive a Baby Girl

Are you longing for a sweet baby girl? Does your heart melt everytime you see a teeny tiny pink dress or accessories?

Have you set your heart on having a girl? Whatever your reasons are, there’s no guaranteed method for conceiving a female baby.

There are only suggestions and recommendations based on scientific facts.

From the best timing to the foods to eat to conceive a girl, we’ll take a close study at the methods that can be adopted for the conception of a baby girl.

How to Naturally Conceive a Baby Girl


It’s all about a race to the egg….
According to the Shettles method, male sperm are found to be smaller, have a shorter life span and swim faster than the female sperm.

Want to increase your chances of conceiving a baby girl? Ensure you have sex two to four days before ovulation in order to give the female sperm a head start.

Sex positions

Since deep penetrative sex plays a role in the conception of a boy, it’s best to avoid it so as to enhance the odds of birthing a girl.

Aiming for a baby girl, try the missionary style. The missionary position prevents sperm from reaching the cervical entrance.

Forget orgasms

Female orgasm stimulates a secretion which enables male sperm survive longer in the fallopian tubes where fertilisation and conception occurs.


According to a statistical study, women who are vegetarians are reported to have a great chance of conceiving a girl.

Consume foods rich in calcium like milk, cheese, broccoli and yoghurt. These foods modify your body’s pH and have an effect on your cervical mucus.

It’s advised that women longing for a girl should avoid most fruits and vegetables.

Another study proved that women who consume high calorie foods tend to get pregnant with boys.

It’s logical to assume that low calorie diets will favour the conception of a female baby.

Take a bath before sex

Male sperm is said to be affected by heat so having a warm bath prior intercourse might enable the female sperm reach the egg.

More Sex

Why restrict your sex life to certain times? Trying for a girl? Aim at having more sex.

Ensure you have lots of sex some days leading to your most fertile days.

This will decrease your partner’s sperm count thereby improving the odds of a female baby.

Ask your partner to slow down on the coffee

Coffee acts as a stimulant for male sperm. If your partner skips his morning coffee for a day or two, the female sperm has a fair chance of survival.


The male sperm is fragile compared to the female sperm.

According to some theories, the man’s sperm count, stress level and underwear choices can broaden your a chance at having a girl.

Due to the stress encountered by the man, the fragile male sperm will not be able to survive.

Happy baby girl making!

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