How to Naturally Conceive Triplets

The probability of conceiving triplets naturally is around 1 in every 10,000 births. With fertility treatments, the odds increases to around 1 in every 40.

Triplets can be either monozygotic, dizygotic or polyzygotic.

Monozygotic triplets are formed when a fertilised egg split into three identical embryos.

Dizygotic triplets develops from separate eggs. These eggs are usually a set of identical embryos and fraternal embryo.

Polyzygotic triplets are often times a set of identical twins and another egg fertilised by another sperm.

How to Naturally Conceive Triplets

  • To increase your chances of birthing triplets, ensure you have lots of sex during your fertile years.
  • Consume nutritious foods like milk, dairy products and yams.
  • Gain some weight.
  • Avoid smoking and alcoholism.
  • Discontinue birth control pills.
  • Increase your folic acid supplement intake.
  • If you’re of African descent, your odds of conceiving triplets will be very high.
  • Eat hyper-ovulating foods like almonds, chicken, eggs, whole grains and walnuts.
  • Have a family history of multiple births. If you’ve given birth to multiple babies previously, there’s a high chance you’ll get pregnant with triplets.
  • Be 35 years and above. Studies have shown that older women are more likely to bear triplets compared to the younger women.

Why do Older Women seem to Have Multiple Babies?

As women age, there seems to be a spike in fertility thus leading to the conception of multiple babies. Also, the brain influences hormone levels which then lead to hyper-ovulation.

Are Triplets born Early?

Yes, triplets are most times birthed earlier than expected.

Normally, twins are born within 36 weeks of conception but triplets are born premature within 32-34 weeks of conception.

The reason being that the uterus swells, triggering cervical contractions sooner than expected.

Another reason for early delivery is because there isn’t enough room for the babies to grow in the womb.

Triplets are mostly delivered through caesarean section.

What are the Complications Associated with Having Triplets?

Pregnancy with one child is often fraught with complications.

It’s logical to presume that the risks associated with conceiving triplets will be greater.

The complications include heartburn, high blood pressure, anaemia, premature delivery, miscarriage, severe bleeding during and after birth etc.

This isn’t to dissuade you from making attempts at triplets conception. This is to prepare you for what’s involved.

It’s best you discuss with your spouse before going ahead with your plans.

You should also discuss with your doctor and take all precautionary measures.

When you’re pregnant with triplets, ensure you have enough antenatal checkups.

What should a Woman do to Stay Healthy during a Multiple Pregnancy?

Visits to the doctor, consumption of nutritious foods and getting enough rest are indispensable to healthy pregnancy.

As a woman expecting multiple babies, make sure you eat enough protein and calories for the sake of the developing fetuses.

Also, seek health care professionals who’ve had experience with multiple births. This helps to make sure mother and babies are safe, healthy and are receiving the best care.

Pregnant with triplets or more? You’re among the lucky few. I tell you, you’re in for a wild ride and adventurous moments. Having triplets will definitely be worth it.

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