How to Naturally Conceive Twins

There’s been a rise in multiple births in recent times. In the general population, identical twin pregnancies occur once in 250 births.

Identical twins are conceived when an egg is fertilised by a sperm and divided into separate embryos. Identical twins do not share same genetic makeup and placenta.

Women who undergo fertility treatment have high chances of conceiving twins. The probability of birthing twins naturally is about 3%.

Non-identical or fraternal twins are conceived when two separate eggs are fertilised by two sperms. Fraternal twins are mostly of different gender and do not share same genetic makeup or placenta.

Want twins? Here’s an overview of how to conceive twins naturally. Let’s get at it!

How to Naturally Conceive Twins

The following are likely to increase your chances of conceiving twins naturally:

Folic Acid intake

According to studies, folic acid supplements may probably boost your chances of getting pregnant with twins.

Professor Bength Kallen, Professor of Clinical Sciences at Tornblad Institute stated that folic acid might increase the likelihood of implantation of more than one egg or multiple implantation.

The National Institutes of Health recommends 400 micrograms of folic acid for adult women, 600 micrograms for pregnant women and 500 micrograms for lactating women.

To increase your chances of conceiving twins, take a daily dose of 400mg to 1000mg folic acid supplement and eat Vitamin B9 rich foods.

These Vitamin B9 foods include tomatoes, egg yolk, spinach amongst others.

Consuming Dairy products

Studies have shown that consumption of dairy products can act as fertility booster for twins. This might probably be due to growth hormones present in milk.

Cows liver also contains Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF) which has been presumed to cause multiple pregnancies.

Trying to conceive twins? Consume more dairy products and hormone-enriched brands.

Discontinue birth control pills

When you stop the use of birth control or hormonal pills, your body returns back to its natural rhythm after a while. During this period, the probability of conceiving twins becomes higher.

Based on a 1977 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, it was recorded that the ovaries super-ovulate after the effect of birth control has been suppressed.

Though there’s been conflicting opinions as to if birth control has an effect on twins conception, many mothers has reiterated that they became pregnant with twins after discontinuing the birth control pills.


The older you get, the greater your chance of having twins. Naturally conceived twins or triplets are usually common in women in their thirties and forties.

According to a fertility expert, as you get older, your body panics a lot and often releases multiple eggs at once due to the increased surge of estrogen.

It’s a bit risky though as there are health issues related to pregnancy over the age of 35.

Wild Yams

Wild yams are said to promote super-ovulation hence increasing the chance of conceiving twins.

The Yoruba tribe in Nigeria are believed to have high twinning rate as the staple food is part of their ethnic dish.

In an article titled “Land of Twins” by BBC, it was deduced that high levels of chemical substances in the tuber food enhances the release of multiple eggs.

Gaining extra body weight

Research has shown that women with body mass index (BMI) of over 30 are likely to conceive twins compared to women with healthier BMI.

Weight gain leads to increased levels of estrogen thus causing over stimulation of ovaries. This results to the release of two or more eggs.


According to a study carried out, the rate of twins among breastfeeding women is said to be 11.4% compared to 1.1% in non-feeding women.

Yes, breastfeeding suppresses fertility and prevent pregnancy most especially during a baby’s first six months. Nevertheless, you can possibly get pregnant with twins while breastfeeding.

Family history

If there’s a record of twin births in your family, you’ll likely to have twins. If there are fraternal twins in both your father’s and mother’s family, your chances of conceiving twins is higher.

The woman’s genes are the determining factor in conceiving twins.

Space in between pregnancies

The probability of birthing twins may be higher when you space your pregnancies.

Consume hyperovulation-stimulating foods

Foods like tofu, whole wheat, whole grains amongst others naturally increases and stimulates ovulation.

Also, encourage your partner to eat foods rich in zinc as it promote sperm production.

The above doesn’t guarantee that you’ll conceive twin, it only increase your chances. While it’s not certain, you can try your options.

Have you had twins? Can you tell about your conception experience? Share with us in the comment box.

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