How to Open a US Account Online from Nigeria

The first question that could pop into your mind on sighting that headline might be ‘is it possible?’ Well, yes it is! And it’s legal too. No back-links, no masking of IP address, no payment before or after and you get a MasterCard which you can use to withdraw money from Nigerian ATMs.

Why open a US account online?

  • It’s a secure way of receiving payment from the US for services you render
  • Funds can be withdrawn over the ATM in Nigeria
  • Funds can be transferred to your local bank account easy
  • Can be used to easily purchase products from the United States

What you’ll need to open a US account online

  • National ID card, Drivers license or voters card
  • Address with postal code and zip code

How to open a US account from the comfort of your computer or mobile phone

  • With the above requirements intact, you can now log on to
  • Click on the sign up option
  • Ensure you continue as a non-US resident (*important)
  • Fill out the form you are presented with correctly (remember you are opening a bank account so any false information you provide could have fatal consequences)
  • Click on sign up to finish registration.

If you did everything correctly you should receive a confirmation email and a time frame within which your master card will be sent to your address.

Payoneer Mastercard

That’s it! Your online US account is up and running. Cheers!

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