How to Post on Instagram Using Laptop

Do you know you can post on Instagram via your laptop and desktop? Instagram can now be accessed on your PC. Isn’t that cool?

Over the years, Instagram has initiated upgrades like sending and receiving direct messages via desktop, use of Instagram Search amongst others.

While posting from your phone seems cool, posting from your laptop seems more convenient. Using your PC, you can easily type in captions and add hashtags.

Though Instagram for web is advantageous, it has its limitation as you’re not allowed to post from your laptop. What if I tell you that there’s a hack which allows you post on Instagram from your PC.

Here’s a step by step guide to posting on Instagram from your laptop. Let’s dive in!

How to post on Instagram from Safari on your Laptop

1. Tap the menu bar, Click on Safari.

2. Next, click Preferences and then select the Advanced tab. Ensure the Developer Tools are available, if not, click on ‘Edit’ – ‘Preferences’ – ‘Advanced’ – ‘Show Develop menu in menu bar’.

3. Next, Open a new Safari tab and go to It’s still the same instagram site you’ll see but that will change soon.

4. Click on “Develop” in the top menu bar, then “User Agent” and “Safari – iOS – iPhone”.

5. Refresh the tab, while it reloads a + icon will appear at the bottom of the page.

6. Click on the + sign to select a photo on your PC, select filters and edit just like you editing your photos on your phone.

When you’re done editing, ensure you change your User agent back to the Default setting to avoid seeing all websites in their mobile state.

Now you know how to effortlessly switch between the desktop and mobile version of Instagram’s website.

Also, you can easily post photos without having to sync your computer to your phone.

Besides posting photos, you can also edit your captions, search and add hashtags, add locations and tag other users to your post.

How to post on Instagram using Google Chrome

For all three browsers, the process of posting is quite similar.

1. Go to Google Chrome, log into your Instagram account via the website.

2. On the browser, select “View” then “Developer”. Click on “Developer Tools”.

3. Choose the “Toggle device toolbar” (this is located at the top left corner of the Developer Tools window, or CMD + SHIFT + M on a Mac).

You may have to reload the page to see the Developer Tools. Now, you’re ready to post from your PC.

How to post on Instagram using Firefox

1. Open Mozilla Firefox

2. Click on the Firefox menu

3. Select tools, click on Web Developer then Responsive Design Mode or press Shift + CTRL + M (on Mac CMD+OPT+M).

How to post on Instagram using Explorer

To post on Instagram using Microsoft Internet Explorer, press F12. Search the emulation tab and select a mobile device.

Forget your phone and start posting on Instagram via your laptop. Don’t hoard this knowledge, share it with your friends and contacts.

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