How to Cook the Best Nigerian Jollof Rice

It is safe to say that Jollof rice is the most common food in Nigeria, both at homes and at special occasions. The controversy is still on about which country this sumptuous meal originated from, as Nigerians and Ghanaians have been at loggerheads over this for a while.

Jollof rice is simply delicious and can never lose its relevance.

Here is how to prepare jollof rice and get that party like effect. It is advised to do your cooking with non-stick pan to prevent excessive burning.

Ingredients for Jollof Rice



Fresh Pepper


Vegetable Oil

Seasoning cube




White pepper

3 Bay Leaves

Minced ginger

Steps for Preparing Jollof Rice

Blend fresh pepper, tomatoes, tatashe, onions till very smooth and then boil it till it is almost dry, like tomato puree.

Pour vegetable oil into your cooking pot; add chopped onions, little seasoning cube and fry till the onion is soft.

Add the tomato paste to the hot oil and fry on low heat, add your thyme, a bit of curry and continue stirring till the mix is cooked. Follow by adding water and any stock you have to the paste and mix enough water to cook the rice.

Wash the rice and pour into the pot, with a wooden spatula. Cover the pot, increase the heat and let it cook until it starts to burn a little. Don’t be worried if the rice is burning, as the semi burnt taste gives it that special effect taste.

When the rice is almost cooked, reduce the heat so that it can simmer in the burnt bottom pot.

Your rice is done and ready to serve.

Some people argue that it is impossible to get the party jollof rice taste without using firewood, but trust me, if you follow these steps diligently, your rice will come out perfectly.

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