How to Prepare Ukwa Nigerian Igbo Delicacy

Ukwa is an popularly known as African breadfruit. The name Ukwa, is of Igbo origin and it is considered as an igbo food. Scientifically, it is referred to as Treculia africana. Ukwa is a multipurpose food with a natural tasty aroma.

It can be prepared plainly free of ingredient and it will still taste great even without salt particularly when it is fresh Ukwa. It may also be roasted and consumed with palm kernel or coconut. Ukwa can be cooked in porridge form and I assure you that you will still enjoy it.

Ukwa can also be cooked with leaves like scent leaves and bitter leaf (stripped of most of its bitter taste). Ukwa is a food that can be enjoyed anyhow you choose to cook it.

Ingredients for Making Ukwa

700g Ukwa (African Breadfruit)

1 big dry fish/ stock fish

100ml Palm oil

5 fresh bitter leaves (unwashed)

7g eatable potash (not needed if you purchase dehusked ukwa seeds)

2 stock cubes



Before Cooking …

Take the dry ukwa, marinate it overnight. Ensure you use cold water.  After soaking the dry ukwa, marinate and debone the stock fish or dry fish. Wash carefully and thoroughly after which you cut it into pieces.

Cleanse the ukwa meticulously in cold water. Be careful of sand and stones which often settle at the bottom. Next is to pound the pepper and set aside. Wash the bitter leaves as well and keep it aside.

Ukwa Cooking Steps

Put the well washed ukwa in a pot. Add water to the ukwa, enough to cover it. Ensure it covers up to about  an inch above the level of the ukwa.

Put in the edible potash, follow with the addition of the stock fish or dry fish.  Cover the pot and cook till well done.

Once the seeds soften by pressing it, it means the ukwa is done. You may have to add water whilst cooking so endeavor to watch it.

Next is to pour palm oil to the well cooked ukwa, as well as pepper. Add the stock cubes with salt and then stir. Cover the pot and cook with medium heat for about 5 minutes until the colour of the palm oil changes to yellow.

Stir for a while before adding the bitter leaves. Then cover and allow to simmer. After this, your ukwa is ready and you can now enjoy it. To enjoy it at its best, serve with chilled drink especially chilled palm wine.

Image Source: African Food Recipes

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