How to Sell Online in Nigeria without a Website 2020

Selling is part of the everyday process in any profitable society. Almost everything that can be bought can also be sold. Usually, selling takes place physically or manually. But since the advent of the internet, selling has transcended into a business which can be performed electronically (online).

The major facilitator for online sales is the web. Users who do not own a website are scared away from attempting to carry out any form of online sales due to the rigor, skill, and cost required to create and manage an e-commerce website. However, that shouldn’t be the case.

We’d love to show you, in this article, how you can comfortably sell your product(s) or services online without owning a website.

# Sell using social media

Social Media

Social media accounts are easy to create and can be created for free. Create a Facebook page that advertises your product, advertise yourself on twitter using twitter campaigns and #hashtags, create an Instagram account that displays your products or talks about the services you render.

# Sell using a free online marketplace

There are quite a few online markets and stores that allow you to sell your products on their platform for free or for a small fee. This is another great way to market your products without having to go through the rigor of setting up a website. Below are a few of such online markets in Nigeria.


You can sell virtually anything on OLX. You just need to be smart in advertising your products and the rest will follow.


( Konga claims to be Nigeria’s largest online mall. You can use this to your advantage and create a market for your product. It’s quite easy to create an online store. Visit the site and contact the admin, you should be set up in less than a week. is a Nigerian free online classifieds with advanced security system. Jiji provides Nigerians with a cheap and easy solution to sell and buy virtually anything legal in Nigeria. The seller can post free ads with images and make their contacts available to buyers for direct sales.


Dealdey is another website which provides an online market for sellers. Get your products ready and contact the Dealdey web admin. The process is quite easy. Dealdey takes a commission for each sale you make on their platform.


Kaymu does a good job of connecting buyers to sellers for a small commission. Kaymu has a large marketplace and your products will definitely be seen by thousands of people.

# Advertise on established websites

Online Shopping

Instead of spending weeks building a web site and working your head off trying to drive traffic which can then be turned into sales, you could take out a few days to design an ad banner which can then be placed on more established sites pointing buyers towards your social media pages or even offline address. This will not come free of charge but it will certainly help connect you to online buyers who are in need of your product.

These are just a few ways you can sell online in Nigeria without a website. You can choose to sell your product on one or multiple platforms. No matter what platform you choose, delivering optimum value to the customer is the key to successful online sales. So the ball is your court, get out there and let the world see your awesome product.

Got any ideas on how to sell online in Nigeria without a website? Why not share in the comments section!

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