How to Send Instagram DM on PC

The addition of the Direct Messaging option to the Instagram website has made replying and sending of messages easy and less stressful. You no longer have to configure your internet browser to act like your phone’s screen.

Similar to the mobile app, the DM feature on the web enables users to send and receive messages from friends.

With the DM feature, you can share photos and videos, create new groups and like a message. This feature permits users to activate the DM desktop notifications to keep users informed of new updates.

Want to send an Instagram DM on your PC? Here are steps to follow:

1. Open any browser on your PC
2. Go to
3. Login to your account with your Instagram details. When you’re logged in, click on the DM icon (it’s same as the DM icon for the mobile app).

After that, select a contact or reply someone’s message by clicking on contact from the contact list.

Besides chatting, you can also share Instagram stories, IGTV videos and posts as a direct message. Just a click on the DM button beneath the story or post you’d like to share.

Search for the contact or group you would like to send the post to.

Note: You must have an active Instagram account, supported browsers (Google Chrome, Explorer etc) and internet connectivity for this feature to work.

Though, there’s been improvements in the Instagram features, some limitations still abound.

You can’t video chat via Instagram on the web. Having a great influx of direct messages on Instagram is an indication that your audience finds your brand and content engaging.

It can be pretty tedious replying DMs and managing your account from the mobile app.

For this reason, this feature is indeed useful for influencers, businesses and anyone who sends and receives numerous DMs.

Users are so going to love this. Besides managing your Instagram DMs on your PC, you can also schedule posts and stories, reply Instagram comments and collect user-generated comment, all from the comfort of your home.

Alternatively, you can send Instagram DMs via computer or laptop through developer tools.

These tools configure your internet browser in such a way that it looks like a smartphone’s screen.

If you’re using a mac and Safari browser,

1. Log into your Instagram account via the website.
2. Tap on “Safari” in the menu bar, located at the top of your screen.
3. Choose “Preferences” and click on the “Advanced” tab.
4. Under the Advanced menu, check “Show Develop menu in menu bar.” Once you’ve checked, close the Preferences menu.
5. Tap on “Develop” in the menu bar. Then, click on “User Agent” and select the “iPhone” option. This will change the interface of Safari to replicate an iPhone’s browser.

If you’re using a PC and Google Chrome browser,

1. Again, log into your Instagram account via Instagram website.
2. Right-click any spot on the screen, and click on “Inspect“.
3. Click on the Toggle device toolbar (tiny icon that looks like a phone) located at the top of the menu. Ensure that the word “Responsive” appears on the small toolbar.
4. Refresh the page and close the Inspect window. Just like Safari, your Chrome browser will be made to look like an iPhone screen.

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