How to Use Instagram Search

From posting your pictures to swooning over your friends’ photos to discovering new people and sharing content, Instagram has a lot to offer users. With the Instagram Search, you can effortlessly search Instagram accounts from all over the world and follow people whose content you find relatable, intriguing and inspiring. In this article, you’ll learn about the Instagram Search feature.

What is Instagram Search?

Instagram Search is a results page which shows you trending topics, hashtags and enable you find and discover Instagram users and accounts.

Just like a search engine, the Instagram Search ranks search results by accounts, hashtags, top results and places thus making your search easy.

The Instagram Search also works on the website. The only limitation is that that you can’t search for keywords by categories (e.g. people or tags) on the website.

A trick to this is by adding”@” or “#” before your keywords when you are searching for either people or hashtags.

As stated by Instagram, the search results shown to you are based on a variety of factors, including who you’re connected to, the people you follow and what photos and videos you like on Instagram.

The Instagram algorithm works in such a way that it delivers accurate and relevant results based on the profiles you like and engage with the most, and the profiles your followers engage with most.

When you search for a username, Instagram algorithm presents related search results. Once you tap on the username, you’ll be redirected to the user’s profile.

When you search for a hashtag or a location tag, you’ll see nine top photo posts arranged in a chronological order starting from the most recent to the oldest.

There’s a wide range of topics you can search for.

Perhaps you intend travelling for your next vacation and you’re on the lookout for Instagram accounts which features travel photos.

Simply type in your keyword. For example, Paris. Once you tap on Top, and type Paris, you’ll see Instagram users, Paris geolocations and popular Paris hashtags.

If you click on People, you will see only Instagram users with the word Paris in their usernames.

When you click on Tags, you will see hashtags related to Paris. Also, if you tap on Places, you will be presented with geolocations of many places in Paris.

Instagram Search is instrumental to your following and brand exposure.

Having learnt the ropes of instagram search, how can you appear in Instagram Search? You can get featured by optimising your posts.

To appear under Tags, use the best hashtags for likes.

If you want to post about weddings or bridal niche, there’s a variety of popular tags to choose from.

To appear under Places, you’ll have to add your location to your Instagram post.

How to use Instagram Search to Find Hashtags

Adding hashtags to your post or story promotes engagement level.

According to research, a post with at least one Instagram hashtag equates to 12.6% more engagement than posts without a hashtag.

Including clickable hashtags in your bio will increase your chances of appearing in your account search results and others.

The right hashtags guarantees that your post or story shows in your target audience’s search results.

With the use of Instagram Search, you can find hashtags by typing in the keyword you’re looking for.

For instance, you’re on a maternity online store, you might type in the keyword “baby boy”.

A variety of relevant baby boy hashtags will be displayed for you to choose from. Choose the hashtags that suits you.

How to Use Instagram Search to Find Influencers

Each niche has its influencers. To find influencers, check who ranks high in your niche.

For example, if you’re in need of natural hair influencer to use your product, you may use the #naturalhairblogger hashtag.

Using natural hair blogger instead of hair have its advantage.

First of all, hair is highly competitive and by focusing on natural hair blogger; there’s a high probability of you finding natural hair influencers who have their audience outside Instagram.

This increases your reach and access to people. Search for influencers with the most engagement on their posts.

How to Use Instagram Search by Location

To use Instagram Search by location, Search Places under Instagram Search.

Tap on Nearby Places. It will show the most popular places close to your location.

To increase your visibility close-by, take and post photos and videos in those places.

With the use of the Instagram Search, you can search for events, businesses, landmarks and cities.

The Instagram Search is within your reach. Use it to find venues and location.

How to Search Instagram Users by Name

To search for Instagram users, all you need to do is type in their usernames under People or in the Instagram Search bar.

Now you know how to use Instagram Search. Don’t forget to leave a comment or like on this page.

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